138 definition by taylor

most beautiful man in the world his voice as hot as him!!!
the deepest desires come from ur obsession...HIM
by Taylor June 01, 2004

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when preppy retard jocks rule a school/a college/the world, and make the rest of us miserable and endlessly annoyed.
"Down With Jockocracy!"
by taylor May 30, 2004

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A word to use to insult people who swollow cum,cum guzzlers always travle in packs.People that suck like monkeys that swollow cum and live in gutters.
Your parents are cum guzzling gutter monkeies.
by Taylor January 08, 2005

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Fear of the actor Tony Danza.
I went to the psychiatrist about tonydanzaphobia
by Taylor March 05, 2005

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someone who is gay and resembles that of a prehistoric flying lizard, and or has a long face(and is gay)
paul was being such a fagadactyl so i gave him the poobic punch
by taylor April 23, 2005

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a legend of the streets, some one who has earned respect throughout the streets
mitchone is an ill sick streetlegend
by taylor March 30, 2005

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A caucasian who is acting like an african american... a.k.a. a wafrican american
Yo man, what is up with you and that wafrican american?
by Taylor March 10, 2005

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