A Balck is someone who is lightskinned, but racist towards their own kind. Although they are racist they are also mysterious, retarded, but somewhat smart.
He is such of a Balck
by Ohkayyydd September 7, 2019
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when a woman ( after having sex ) is held upside down by her ankles and removed from the room so that the bodily "fluid" remains inside and not on the floor.
" she spent all night with that guy and all he did was balck her off on the morning "
by ab council September 27, 2009
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When you try to type black but keep messing up.
"Let's see here...oh fuck I typed balck again."
by "oh fuck I typed balck again" February 24, 2023
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Blue Emo head, introvert with aggresionproblems
"wow that's a Mats Balcke!"
by kreidark February 17, 2017
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