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The channel with the best programming and the worst marketing. A network that acquires and produces many great TV franchise, and makes commercials to make it all look like shit.

The owners are already rich of course. But unlike other network execs, they say fuck quality, so long as they keep there couch potato market.

South Park: Best on the channel, for obvious reasons.

Chappelle Show: Most original sketch comedy show ever, by Neal Brennan and Dave Chappelle(also the best stand-up act I have seen).

Crank Yankers: Some very original prank calls, great effect added by puppets` actions sometimes. Awesome guests that people who know anything about stand-up would recognize.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Great newscaster, originally from MTV News. Always known for sense of humor added to reports, still awesome, but now its a whole half-hour! Even a decent source of news, if you are smart enough to see what the actuall facts were(as it is fact-based)

The Critic: Highly underaprecciated classic. Anything with John Lovitz is awesome(ie. Rat Race, The Wedding Singer)

Insomniac: Dave Attell, great comic. Good at stand up, great talent for getting wasted. Jason rules too.
Plus, my NYC friend ran into them one night in Brooklyn. Lucky bastard.

Drawn Together:....
"The 1st animated reality show"? What kind of bullshit is that?

Duckman: great. Simple but deep humor. Just watch it.

Kid Notorious: I don`t know shit about Robert Evans, except that he rules.

The Man Show: good as South Park, til they put those new guys on.

Reno 911: #2 show on the network. Awesome shit. Great parody of Nevada if you have ever been there.

---Acquired Programs---
Kids in the Hall- Canada trying to be Monty Python. No chance in hell, but the Kids still rule.
that`s right, Comedy Central did not make it. How stupid can you be to not know it`s Canadian? They even talk about it on the show! Hey morons like Fotodevoto, CC can`t make new episodes of a Canadian show, can they?

Mad TV: sucks as, why did Comedy Central actually pay Fox for this piece of crap

Saturday Night Live: great show, but it sometimes seems like Comedy Central handpicks the worst episodes

Dilbert: ok to read in the paper for 30 seconds, not worth watching on TV for 30 minutes.

Whose Line is it Anyway: Best improv show there is, done long before Dana Carvey`s version on ABC went mainstream thanks to Brady.

Trigger Happy TV: The best show they ever bought from BBC, even better than Whose Line. When I get back to the States, I am SO filming something like this.

thats all i can think of.
if i left anything out, my memory probably blocked it out for unrectifiable suctitude.
Bill Maher: We have a great new line-up for next quarter. It`s our best variety yet, we have shows that we can market to all Americans. What do you think?
Marketing Chief: You mean expand out market to all ages, races, occupations, and both genders? No. Marketing to everyone would be too obvious. What do you say we make a depressingly shallow marketing campaign, so that we can limit our market to unemployed white catholic males between 25-30 years old?
Maher: What? I gotta get to the country club, get in a few games, little rushed. What are you proposing, in 3 words?
Chief: Market like retards.
Maher: Sounds like a plan!
Chief: Right on it. As any bussinessman knows, its best to limit your market as much as possible and make your product sound worthless.
Maher: Will it leave me more time for golf?
Chief: Sure, why not?
Maher: I like your thinking! Get right on that. I`m out, late for my caviar at the country club!
by tanukisanyo May 21, 2005
A girl who stars in AV, a type of porn that is only made in Japan, Korea, and China.

Usually they just do masturbation or a school girl getting raped, unless they get famous in the industry by name. Then they usually star in hardcore fetish and S&M as well. The Asian audience may not seem interested in anything fucked up like S&M, but it is there, only under the surface.

AV Idols tend to have more cute faces than nice bodies, although Japanese men are obsessed with boobs(and don`t seem to like ass at all)

"Idol" does not really mean that they are an idol of the industry. Even if they brand new and no one knows who they are, they are still called an AV Idol.

The men in AV are not called Idols, they are just part of the staff.

Also, one major difference from a porn star is that AV Idols are much more likely to appear other places in the entertainment industry, like game shows and guest roles on series. It is not exactly common, but more than in the States.
EmoDeux would love it here. AV Idols are on sitcoms.
by tanukisanyo May 9, 2005
Insant Messenger acronym:
"I Don`t Know"

Usually used by people who use IM for the same exact 15 minutes every day.

This one is so rare I sometimes gotta stop and think what it means.
FuppleRampays is no longer idle at 3:10
FuppleRampays:uhh yo
PoposeMadger:when is 8or`s party?
PoposeMadger:wtf dude
PoposeMadger:I DONT KNOW!!
FuppleRampays:...there you go finally
PoposeMadger:wait what....
PoposeMadger:o yeh rite I was just fuckin with you
PoposeMadger:thats all
FuppleRampays has signed off at 3:25
by tanukisanyo May 20, 2005
SMAP`s TV show on Tuesday nights at 11pm.
Includes cooking, skits, dancing, and musical comedy sketches.
SMAPxSMAP was hilarious last night.
by tanukisanyo May 9, 2005
SMAP`s TV show on MONDAY nights at 11pm on channel 3(just in my area-i think the network its on is NHK, maybe TV Tokyo).
Includes cooking, skits, dancing, and musical comedy sketches.

*you do not pronounce the "x", it is just said "SMAP SMAP" or in Japanese pronunciation "sumappusumappu"
Me: I gotta get home so I can watch eat dinner and watch SMAPxSMAP.
Miki: SMAPxSMAP? Yesterday.
Me: You mean it is on Monday? Not Tuesday?
Miki: Yes.
Me: Fuck.
by tanukisanyo May 10, 2005
A democrat or political left-winger(2 different things) who tends to be subjective in their political views. Political subjectiveness is ok to some degree, but I think that some people tend to get carried away or be unrealistic. These types are somewhat of sore to American society, but on the other hand help balance out crazy redneck or bureaucrat conservatives. Both could be done without in the end because of their serious bias on everything that ever happens.

There are few types of people who fall into this group:
1.Activists-the troublemakers who are
violent and crazy but try to cover up by pretending that their motives are moral.

2:Stoners-people who have taken a lot of time to think through where they stand politically, and realize that violence is an ineffective way to reach their goal, even if the establishment is refusing to listen to them. These people think Bush is a terrible president, and give logical reasons.

3:Metalheads-people who have taken a lot of time to think through where they stand politically, but are too carefree to do anything more than write music about it. Also, they are pessimistic and feel they will never change anything. This group also has logical reasons for hating Bush, such as the fact that the only Iraqis killed by Sadam were rebels who were trying to assassinate HIM.

4.Nobodies-people who really have none of their own views, but will make themselves think they believe in anything that is popular. Once they have a cause in mind, they will gather any evidence, without even thinking through it enough to realize it doesnt make any real sense. This group is very anti-Bush, but cannot give logical reasons why he is a bad president, such as the fact that he has a Texas accent(No shit. How is that a problem?)

Bleeding-heart liberal, or bleeding ass liberal is usually used by right-wing conservatives to refer to any and all democrats or liberals.
Middle-roaders like me use it for any person who thinks only about the benifit of individuals rather than society as a whole. In other words the kind of person who believes that we must not leave anyone behind, even if helping them would be a drag one the whole group. Someone who not only believes that, but will not waver on it no matter what, that is a bleeding heart-liberal.
These examples are simplified because a realistic example would take to long to think of and type. Enjoy.

Bussinessman A: We just bought out that from Georgia, so we can finally expand our bussiness to the rest of the US.
Bussinessman B: We still got to watch out, before we know it the bleeding-heart liberals will be on our ass calling us a monopoly. You saw what happened with Bell Atlantic.

Redneck: That rabbit threatened ta kill my family, and the only thing keepin` me from shootin` the li`l terrorist is them damn bleedin` heart liberals.

(note that not all rednecks are crazy like that.)
by tanukisanyo May 8, 2005