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1. Obvious to anyone over 1 year old
because they want to pet it

2. Obvious to anyone over 8 years old
because they want to make fun of them

3. Obvious to anyone over 12 years old because they want to make fun of it, but also stare at it, pet it, put stuff in it etc.
1. 5 year old: I want my own pussy cat

2. 10 year old: Stop being a pussy

3. 18 year old: Wear this shirt to the club, you`ll get finer pussy than you thought exists

"Anotha way to call a cat a kitty"
by tanukisanyo May 22, 2005

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1. hookers to offer their services

2. ignorant jackasses as a slack way to say "I love you"

3. ordinary people making references. most users think they are referencing South Park or Family Guy, but actually both of those were referencing Full Metal Jacket(#8 movie of all time according to sanyosuru). A hooker uses this phrase becuase her English is bad, and all she can say is "Sucky-sucky, 5 dollar. Me love you long time. Too long time." South Park has Eric as Vietnamese hooker, exactly as in the original. In Family Guy, Peter says this because it is the only English he thinks the Japanese baseball player will understand, and he can`t afford to pay for him.
1. hooker:me love you long time

2. ignorant jackass: me love you long time

3. synDicate: dude, did you see that episode where Peter is like "Me love you long time" that was great! They are so original.
me: no, that was a reference to full metal jacket
by tanukisanyo May 18, 2005

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1. Persistent unwanted romantic advances
2. Any act that can be perceived by the receiving party as a sexual advance
3. A sexual advance
1. Girl: I told you I already have a boyfriend.
Obessessed Loser: But I love you! Please marry me.
Chick: Hell no! Go away, damnit!

2. Girl 2: How the hell did you get my dress, and why are you rubbing it?
Laundromat Guy: You just handed it to me, ma`am. I`m just getting this sticker off, like you asked me to.

3. a-when one little panda pulls on another little panda`s unerwear. That makes me a sad panda.
b-when one little panda sticks his furry little willy in another little panda`s ear. That makes me a very sad panda.
c- Girl 3: Did you just slap my ass and say "Break me off a peice of that"?
Dude: Sorry, is that what I said? What I meant to say is "I want to take you back to my place and get anal". Is that better?
by tanukisanyo May 09, 2005

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1. King who made Hawaii a kingdom
2. Part of the Pacific Ocean to the West of Hawaii, named by Japan, unrelated to the ruler. The name roughly translates to "wave that winds up with the turtles"(directly "turtle contact wave") because the area was known for its turtles. So, any turtles in the area will be hit by any waves that comes trough. It definitely does not mean "big turtle wave"
3. Energy attack in Akira Toriyama`s manga/anime DragonBall. The "Kamehameha Wave" is noted for its intense power, so it is a very good name for an extremely powerful.
1. There were four Kamehamehas before they lost power
2. I flew over the Kamehameha Sea on the way to Japan
3. Last week`s Kamehameha Wave wiped out a small beach Village called Kakaho
3. Idiot: Hey, kid. You`re into the DragonBall Z stuff. Yeah, I saw it a little yesterday, and I was wondering if could show me how to do that Kamahamba thing.
(someone really asked me that in middle school)
by tanukisanyo June 06, 2005

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In Japan, Korea and China this word refers to any kind of adult video, including animated(which is not called hentai here in Japan).

AV means "adult video", but it does not stand for "adult video".
It just has that popular name.

AV has some distinct characteristics from any other porn. Anything you see in cartoon porn(known as hentai in the US) other than little girls and the physically impossible, is done in AV.

AV stars are known as AV Idols.
They are girls who start with innocent-type roles(ie schoolgirl is very popular here). Most of them get moved onto more hardcore things(ie S&M also popular here but only under the surface).

I have been in Japan for 2 months and bought some AV, which is how I know what I am saying.
AV is strange as hell, but somehow good.
by tanukisanyo May 09, 2005

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A girl who stars in AV, a type of porn that is only made in Japan, Korea, and China.

Usually they just do masturbation or a school girl getting raped, unless they get famous in the industry by name. Then they usually star in hardcore fetish and S&M as well. The Asian audience may not seem interested in anything fucked up like S&M, but it is there, only under the surface.

AV Idols tend to have more cute faces than nice bodies, although Japanese men are obsessed with boobs(and don`t seem to like ass at all)

"Idol" does not really mean that they are an idol of the industry. Even if they brand new and no one knows who they are, they are still called an AV Idol.

The men in AV are not called Idols, they are just part of the staff.

Also, one major difference from a porn star is that AV Idols are much more likely to appear other places in the entertainment industry, like game shows and guest roles on series. It is not exactly common, but more than in the States.
EmoDeux would love it here. AV Idols are on sitcoms.
by tanukisanyo May 09, 2005

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1. Continent which is:
a.Earth`s biggest continent

b.Place with the most ranged economy. For example the Phillipines is 3rd world, but Japan is one of the best economies in the world.

c.Continent whose citizens would completely die out without rice. It is not just a stereotype, all Asian countries(except maybe some in the Middle East) depend on rice and even food that is not rice is often made of rice somehow.

d.Continent whose citizens can come to the US and do better than white, black, or latino people in any bussiness (other than entertainment).

e.Very poorly defined on Urban Dictionary by inom. Asia is not a counrty, it is a continent. And it has far less poverty and starvation than some other parts of the world.

2. Crappy 80s band. MTV and VH1 like to call them "hair metal". I call them "pop". Kind of like Bon Jovi, but
not even worth playing at a dance.

3. Rare Italian girl`s name.
1a.J.B:Asia is huge. It is a big ass continent. Asia so big, it`s got its own sun. People everywhere else sayin` "You got your own sun! Why we gotta share the same one with everyone else?". THAT`S how big Asia is.
Lacey:Yeah, and its a pretty big continent, too.

1b.Maybe Thailand wouldn`t look so crappy if it weren`t right under Japan.

1c.News in 2008: It`s been 14 months since Worlwide rice famine started, and things are looking very bad in Asia and the Middle East. Europe, Africa, and the Americas have been able to survive on their non-rice foods. All wealthier Asians have very rapidly migrated to Europe and the United States, abandoning the strong trade-based economies of China and Japan. Most Asian citizens have completed died out, and most governments have collapsed. The only nations which have survived this ordeal so far are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the state of Palestine. Palestine and Israel have been locked in a power struggle for control of the continent, both sides claiming that Asia is their promised land. However, neither side has advanced as they have only been fighting eachother, the Palestians with an unknown financial and militaristic supporter. Iraq has been under check by the United States for five years now, as ex-president George W. Bush warns that Iraqi rebels might to use WMD to overtake Asia. The Saudis have not enacted any so far, but have peacefully claimed most of continental Asia. The Saudi Government could not be reached for commentary.

1d.Once I owned a convenience store, but a Korean guy bought me out. Then I went back to college for a computer degree, and designed robots until a Japanese guy took my job. Then I started a bussiness fixing computers, but it got crushed by an Indian guy. I thought I was fucked until I got a deal in New York. Now I dance, so I`ve got a steady job until a black guy takes it from me.

1e.Asia is definitely not the continent with the least money. That would probably be Africa. Or, if you want to be technical, Antartica.

2. I started getting pretty pissed off when the DJ at the holiday dance started playing "Livin` on a Prayer", but I decided to try to keep enjoying myself despite the lack of good music. I managed to tune out the shitty selection. That is, until they put on "Final Countdown".

3. Don`t you know who Asia Depino is? She was on that one show...

(asia depino is not a real actress)
by tanukisanyo May 14, 2005

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