8 definitions by tangerine kicks daisies

an american actress that makes even the most uptight, conservative women reconsider their sexuality on a daily basis by means of her luscious sofa-pillow lips.

otherwise known as the mother of bi-curiosity.

she is also famous for collecting babies from impoverished countries like friggin pokemon.

this woman is a goddess.
"i was watching angelina jolie-pitt in gia the other day...maybe i'm a little gay after all."

"i heard angelina jolie-pitt adopted a new baby from nam...gotta catch em all!"

"i'd love to, but i have to go home and sacrifice a goat for my angelina jolie-pitt alter."
by tangerine kicks daisies November 17, 2008
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a squitchy little horrible freshman kid that comes up to you while you're making out with your girlfriend and says, "NO PDA!" because he is sexually frustrated and thinks he's being clever. this is especially frustrating when you're trying to cop a feel.

cock-blocking freshman fucks often congregate in groups. these obnoxious and useless creatures are often found in ideal makeout locales such as stairwells, smoking patios, and dark abandoned corners, but only after you've started making out do they choose to reveal themselves.

cock-blocking freshman fucks should be forced to wear muzzles.
tease: "oh, no...i shouldn't..."
horny jackass: "come on, baby, just one feel."
tease: "...oh, fine."
cock-blocking freshman fuck: *leaps out from behind garbage can* "NO MAKING OUT IN SCHOOL!"
horny jackass: "you little cock-blocking freshman fuck!"
by tangerine kicks daisies November 12, 2009
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a style of dress characterized by ill-fitting baggy skirts and shawls, scarves, and loads of holes. everywhere.

somewhere inbetween grunge and bohemian.
"nice headscarf, tangerine...i love you in peasant chic. you may want to tie it off at the end, though. it's fraying."

"are you trying to go for peasant chic or something? your left nipple is poking through that hole."

by tangerine kicks daisies November 17, 2008
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the hypothetical celebrity hybrid name that would come of ben affleck and kate beckinsale hooking up.
tangerine: "it's too bad ben affleck and kate beckinsale are both married with children."

confused friend: "...why?"

tangerine: "because that means affleckinsale will never happen."
by tangerine kicks daisies November 18, 2008
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a web of international alliances so complex that nobody really knows who's allied with who.

the cause of the first world war.
"first franz ferdinand was shot...and then there was such a massive international circle-jerk going on that everybody felt that they had to get involved."
by tangerine kicks daisies November 17, 2008
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biting your fingernails down to the quick.
i.e. giving yourself the kind of fingernails that would pass a lesbian test.
i gave myself a lesbian manicure today in anatomy.

on the bright side, i don't have to worry about maintaining long fingernails...but the all the bitchy girls that sit next to me think i'm gay.
by tangerine kicks daisies November 20, 2009
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