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1. A kick ass band from Scotland, their album is really good if anybody bought it.
2. The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the spark that set off WWI.
Buy the album or read a history book to find out if what I'm saying is true.
by Bob the Magician pt.2 May 27, 2004
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1. Archduke killed and started WWI, yeah yeah, everyone's heard it.

2. Scottish band with pure originality and great lyrics along with catchy tunes. With Alex Kapranos and his wonderful voice, he makes Franz Ferdinand a much more fun band to listen to.
1. History is boring, but when I heard the name Franz Ferdinand, I started dancing in the middle of class.

2. I went to the Franz Ferdinand concert and I threw my bra onto the stage and Alex Kapranos looked very startled.
by Lani July 19, 2004
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1. Archduke of Austria-Hungary whose assination in 1914 led to the start of WWI.

2. The best time you'll ever have, via four Scottish lads who love music as much as your brother loves his porn collection.
1. Damn! I got points off my history essay for putting that Franz Ferdinand is sexy. (see def. 2)

2. Franz Ferdinand rock my socks!
by LemonShizzy June 28, 2004
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1. name of Archduke who was assasinated and incident sparked the "beginning" of WWI
2. Scottish band made up of Art majors/students that just wanted to make music that girls could dance to.
1. "They killed Franz! Those bastards will pay with a world war!" ::evil laugh::
2. Boy talks to girl. "I say take me out bitch or meet in the matinee cause it's better in the dark of the matinee"
by Monserrat March 27, 2004
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Franz Ferdinand: This is a very great pleasure acquired when you shoot a b.b. gun at a females vagina causing a boqueefious to occur through the pleasure she will receive
β€œDamn that kinky bitch wanna Franz Ferdinand”
by sir_boqueefious September 17, 2018
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