Expression of alarm or concern

Also spelled “oh no”
by rc8s December 19, 2022
some random guy: "oh no, oh no, o-"
Kool-aid man: "OHHHH YEAHHHH"
some random guy: "wtf"
by pp123987 March 11, 2021
Used when having an orgasim or when your pretending to have an orgasim
"OH OH OH OH!" -when having sex or when messin about with mates
by Lube-Lu The Demon Child March 30, 2006
Used to declare when someone says something false in argument; a rebuttal would be said afterward.
"I beat everyone in Madden" "Oh-oh-oh, how you gonna say that, my little brother beat you yesterday"
by socitytable September 26, 2003
What we should call the first decade of the 2000's.
Oh-oh implies that a lot of stuff went really strangely, and surprisingly wrong, exactly what has happened.
- Dubya, climate change, terrorism, swine-flu, recession --> all pretty much an oh-oh decade.
"I haven't felt financially stable since the oh-ohs."
"Back in the oh-ohs, weird shit was happening every few months"
"The recession started in the late oh-ohs"
by bgnsg July 31, 2009
it’s a popular saying on twitter that you say when someone says something stupid, wrong or awkward. it’s not a full sentence but if it was it would usually mean “oh that’s not it”, “oh that’s not right”, “oh that’s not what i asked for” etc.
Example 1 :
Person 1 : “ Wait y’all wash your legs?”
Person 2 : “oh that’s not-”

Example 2
Chubby & Short Person : “Wait why am i lowkey built like Kendall Jenner
Person 2 : “oh that’s not-”
by I got the words March 1, 2022