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Cross country is a fucking hard core sport for real athletes who dont enjoy rolling around in the mud with other men (football). Often get shit from other pussy sports players like sprinters and football players. Have a lot of endurance and stamina and there are also girls involved. Cross Country runners also get called gay for wearing short shorts but they never participate in spirited games of grabass such as football players. Put simply, cross country is kick ass.
Wow! Those cross country guys ran 10 miles!
by tommy April 08, 2005

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Actually originates from prison slang in the UK. A job often given to the lowest inmates was to put cardboard dividers into boxes. Someone given this job was a 'divider' or a 'div'. Now used as an insult to those who display stupidity.
Oh you fucking div, you broke my ribs!
by tOmmy April 25, 2004

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friend, ghetto term for friend
yo man he's my homie
by Tommy May 02, 2003

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Can't stop thinking about.
I'm obsessed with gamecube.
by Tommy November 04, 2003

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a pair of mens drawers that has legs like a boxer but is tight like a brief as to provide support without 'strangulation.' rapidly gaining populatity, especially among athletes, the hip hop world, and metrosexuals.
"I wear boxer briefs on gym days but the rest of the time regular boxers."
by Tommy November 22, 2003

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cool, awesome
man that was tite
by Tommy May 02, 2003

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it is the same as whats up
what up dude
by tommy November 24, 2002

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