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That odor you smell as you travel pass the following:
- Sewer treatment plants
- Man hole covers
- Any bathroom where someone has taken a nasty dump
- The stairwell in parking garages next to popular bars
This place smells like poogas...
by slavens (slave-ens) February 25, 2005
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The noxious fumes that come from either fresh or decaying feces.
Made popular by the television series "Freakazoid!" when the main character exclaimed, "Eww, it smells like poogas down here!" after entering a sewer.
by Christoph H. November 07, 2007
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1. The emission that occurs as a result of a diarrhetic episode.
2. An excaimation pronouncing something to be distasteful.
3. A term of endearment when used in an awkward yet satisfying context.
1. "Man, did you get a whiff of that kid's poo gas?"
2. "Empty keg? That shit's poo gas!"
3. *laughter* "poo gas" *more laughter*
by miss sarah March 15, 2006
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A fart that smells like poop because it passes by the poop waiting to come from your anus.
Dude! Do you have to poop cause you just had the worst poo gas!!!
by Stinky McStink Face February 14, 2010
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Pet name for an black and white little girl with a sweet disposition and tendency towards sports and athletics.
The little girl must have poof hair.
Awww look at that cutie she a lil pooga!
by Cinnamon007 March 23, 2011
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Stinky gasses that escape from the ass before and after the act of defication.
Your god damned poogas stunk up the bathroom again!
by Tommy March 23, 2003
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