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a show about 3 hookers and their mom
did u watch sex and the city last night

no i dnt watch porn with a plot
by symple jack March 14, 2009

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a sock that when guys are jerking off they (jizz) in it so it wont be on the curtains, carpet, bed or couch.
i had to flush my jerk sock because my mom came into the bathroom
by symple jack January 10, 2009

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the hardest enemy to kill in Fallout 3. They can be seen killing super mutant behemoths.
goddamnit, there is a fickin death claw. Now i cant complete quests
by symple jack February 18, 2009

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what christmas is all about.
Stockings are hung on the chimney,
And the presents are under the tree,
And mama's in the kitchen
Making some herbal tea.

Windows are covered with frost
And the candles are all alight,
But as I wander through this quiet house,
Something just doesn't seem right.

You see, every year, the neighbors bring us
A Swiss Colony Beef Log.
But the neighbors aren't around (around, around)
There's no Beef Log to be found this year.

(No Beef Log)

Christmas isn't Christmas
Without a Swiss Colony Beef Log.
Without those cheeses and meats
I don't think I can get along.

Mother tries to comfort me;
She says "Here, Son, have some eggnog."
I fucking hate eggnog, seriously.

But what do I see
Underneath the tree?
Grandma got a Swiss Colony Beef Log just for me!
Ah, ah, ah, Baby!!

Swiss Colony Beef Log, baby!
That's what Christmas is all about!
My prayer has finally come in a Beef Log baby!
Makes a little boy scream and shout!

Deck the halls with boughs of Swiss Colony!
Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!


by symple jack April 01, 2009

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the best jews since jezus.
i just got the new beastie boys album hello nasty
by symple jack March 14, 2009

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the lettuce and cheese that was once in your sandwich. there is usually some ends of bread ends in there. there might be some shredded cheese in there too
guy 1 want my subway scraps?
guy 2 no man i still got my sandwich
by symple jack February 05, 2009

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a wii that is the most over rated 250 doller, plastic impulse buy. it just has 1 good 3rd party game and this is a definition that is made in 2009 not pre realease hype
damnit this has no games. stupid nintendo revolution
by symple jack January 30, 2009

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