Someone wishing they could go to sleep & never wake up.
If someone takes a couple ibuprofen because they want to sleep, I'd say maybe they have insomnia? If someone wants to take a couple bottles of ibuprofen because they want to sleep forever, I'd say maybe they could be suicidal?
by Nameless January 4, 2015
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Adjective - used to describe someone or something that is in pursuit of ending their existence (or dying.) There are a few uses of the word.

First is literally suicidal : At a certain moment, someone is actively trying to end their life.

Second is basically suicidal : At any given moment, from minutes to years, someone wouldn't mind being dead. They are comfortable with death when it comes. (Their brain will tell them that they shouldn't die, because their brains are wired to prevent extinction of humans.)

Third is commonly suicidal : From one moment to a lifetime; A person may have mild thoughts of suicide, but would never actually kill themselves because they see the "good" in life.

Forth is jokingly suicidal : Any time someone is describing someone else by their actions in a playful matter. Their actions being something that could get them killed.

Fifth is sympathetic suicidal : Used to describe someone who is pathetic enough to fake suicide or act like they are going to kill themselves, in order to draw attention to them (to gain a person's sympathy.) Commonly used in arguments as a weapon to strike fear into people.

Unfortunately in todays world, if you are described as suicidal you are almost always placed into the sympathetic suicidal category. Considering the rise of suicide rates, this isnt always the case. It is easier for people to deal with a friend or loved one acting suicidal if they tell themselves that this person is just begging for attention.
Literally suicidal
Person A: "My life is a never-ending wasteland of bullshit and broken hearts. I am on the roof and I'm going to jump."
Person B: "Don't say that, it won't change our relationship just because you're suicidal. We will never be together again because I can't love you."
Person A: "k" *jumps and dies*

Basically suicidal
Person C: "I hate everything about life. Death wouldn't be so bad."
Person D: "Don't kill yourself! Why are you suicidal? Talk to me."
Person C: "Chill out, I'm not going to kill myself, I'm just saying life sucks and the end of it would be nice.
Person D: " :( "

Commonly suicidal
Person E: " Life is such a drag. I'm beginning to get a little tired of it.. Almost suicidal."
Person F: "Are you really suicidal?"
Person E: "Nah, I'll be okay. Life will shape up."

Jokingly suicidal

Squirrel: *runs into oncoming traffic*
Person: "Damn, that squirrel must've been suicidal running into that traffic. What an idiot."

Sympathetic suicidal

Person G: "If you break up with me, I'm going to kill myself!"
Person H: "No, you wont. You weren't suicidal until I tried to end our relationship. Stop."
Person G: "I'm gonna do it right now if you don't take me back."
Person H: "Have fun with that. Blocked"
Person G: *Eats a tub of ice cream and goes to sleep*
by Quake Jake June 5, 2019
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Someone who is suicidal,isn't selfish and it's a very stupid and common name for people who are. It's not that the person is being's not that at all they want to be happy they want to look on the bright side of life,but it's extremely difficult when there is so much going on in their life,if you were to be suicidal you would be doubtful about your own life questioning whether or not you should be living on this earth and if you were to commit suicide it's not "The Cowards Way Out" people commit suicid because they want to leave the "Hell Hole" they are living in its thoughtful that people try to help suicidal people but sometimes they can't be help and if they feel they don't want to suffer any more don't try and make them stay because they make you happy because it's not their job to keep you happy 24/7 because you can't handle the truth of reality.they should not have to be in a living hell because you.and if someone does commit suicide in their minds they are going somewhere better than here.So LET THEM BE!! please
The girl that Ashlyn fought with is now suicidal and want to commit suicide
by Xx420Cali69xX July 8, 2018
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Suicidal is when you want to give up on the world and when you want to kill yourself
by Rxvenlxve June 25, 2020
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When someone feels they aren't important or that they don't have a purpose or wants to end there life because something bad happened. Remember if you weren't important or didn't have a purpose you would not be here right now. Someone loves you. You are NOT alone. I am an also suicidal so I know from experience. God is not finish with you. God has a plan for you. If something isn't going right, then remember there is a future where everything can change. Don't end your life short.
"Just because I'm suicidal doesn't mean I'm crazy or stupid"
by The Idk or idc girl October 16, 2019
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Suicidals are just angels ready to go home. Some Suicidals will actually go through with it. They play with knives, hang themselves up high, try to fly, consume too many pills, and that's sad. I feel numb, I don't feel anymore. Sepf-harm is all I know, its all I can feel. I've played with knives, consumed too many pills, I've even tried to hang myself up high... But the hospital closed up my cuts, and helped my survive the pills, my cousin found me before the rope killed my body. I want to die. But here's the thing... How can you kill yourself, if your already dead??? Cause I'm dead on the inside, but loving on the outside...
Suicidal thoughts: no one likes you, you are an ugly, stupid, fat, suicidal, a freak, and weird kid. Just die already.
Bully: fatty. Your ugly, your still alive?!?! Suicidal freak. No one cares about you.
Me: Help... Me... No one cares. Maybe I should just die... Like my brother did... With the knife... He always seemed happy... But he never actually was...
Suicidal thoughts: good thinking kid......
Bully: don't cry you crybaby
Suicidal thoughts: don't listen to him, don't cry, laugh like your insane, it'll scare him... And then u can kill yourself when you get home.
by My gun is loaded, SUICIDE!!!!! December 21, 2016
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killing the hell out of yourself. spelled with an "a" you dumbasses. not suicidle.
emo scene kid: aww hell man, i'm so sad. i think i'm SUICIDLE.

non attention seeking whore man: shut the hell up you puss, it's suiciDAL. maybe you should just end it.
by gori londa January 7, 2010
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