Similar to the verb ascent, but specific to when mounting up on a sweet ass to make some magic from behind.
Harry: See Keri over there? Walking away and taking all eyes with her?
Alec: Yep! Are those jorts?
Harry: Doesn't matter. I swear I am gonna assent on her after the concert Friday!
by von groovy August 27, 2017
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Assentator: 1)A would be flatterer. 2) An idiot that thinks yes is always the answer. 3)An individual that portrays him/herself as the reason for being.
Hey Sleuth, did ya see what JJ is doing to Aunt Fray? Yeah, that assentator is just after the inheritance. Yeah you're right Sleuth, That's why it's a good thing we're spending her money now!
by MavrickSauls July 07, 2010
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