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An interjection denoting frustration and/or excitement.
Gah! I scored only 95 on my last science exam. They'll never let me back into the science club again.
by stupid May 30, 2004

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1. to fail at every attempt to contribute too society or any attempts at talent.
2. a phrase used when someone does something terribly wrong that frustrates another.
1. Goth: I suck at life i think ima cut myself.
2. Kid 1: I lost our group science project when i was buying crack.
Kid 2: Damn it! You suck at life.
by stupid May 30, 2004

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1. The worst excuse for music ever to poison our generation.
2. An adjective used to describe a group or artist who would normally appear on MTV and is regarded as a complete poser.
1. Poser: Hey did you see Eminems new video on MTV?
2. Eminem is so MTV.
by stupid May 30, 2004

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it's basically like this except it's a real dictionary, not a slang dictionary
I looked up "trichinosis" on dictionary.com because it wasn't on urbandictionary.com
by stupid August 11, 2003

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a company of makeup geared toward teens. very inexpensive
I love caboodles lip gloss
by stupid March 07, 2005

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a wreck. shoes can be seen dangling from telephone wires.
lake tamarak is a wreck.
by stupid May 19, 2004

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an interjection that shows lack of interest in what one has too say.
Teacher: Okay kids! Since I'm on period today and forget too take my medications I've scheduled an hours worth of busy-work!
Students: BOO! You Suck!
by stupid May 30, 2004

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