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a company of makeup geared toward teens. very inexpensive
I love caboodles lip gloss
by stupid March 07, 2005
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Something that you can hold your hygiene products in. i.e.) shampoo, lotion, nail polish, etc.
Who put condoms in my caboodle?
by Blake Gilts November 14, 2010
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Cute guy code.

C for cute. AB for abs and oodle for lots of good looks.
(Kim and Jill are at the mall)
Kim: Caboodle at 1 o'clock!
Jill: definitely :)
by Jadestar321 July 27, 2011
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A spot on your significant others body you usually go to cuddle in.
Let me into your caboodle !
by man13467876 February 18, 2011
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