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One of lego's production lines started around 2000, bionicle was one of lego's success stories due to the series not letting lego go bankrupt after the age of video games beginning. It lasted for around a decade until the maker of bionicle made hero factory. Which old time bionicle fans still hate to this very day. The series will always be a legend and should never be forgotten.
tom: why the crap do you still have legos?
jack: they're bionicles man.
tom: oh ok thats cool bro.
by NightHound May 07, 2012
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Godly god of LEGO gods that was too godly that it was canceled. But, as a god, was reborn, just like Jesus, but soon returned to its grave. However, as long as followers of it exist, it is still alive.
Bionicle is still alive in our hearts.
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by Radical Conservative August 03, 2018
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Bionicle was a religion made by Lego. Followers of this religion pray to their god Mata Nui(basically robo Jesus) and know every single part of the plot. They usually have a very high IQ, usually around 200. They know more about the history of the Matoran universe than they know about our own world
Lego pls bring back Bionicle
by Tsynami December 25, 2018
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The thing I sell day in, day out, at Legoland. I never began as a fan of it but after being forced to watch the movie over 25 times, and listening to hours upon hours of kids talk to me about Bionicle, I've become fairly knowlegeable on it. It's about six heroic robots, called Toa, fighting a really evil robot called Makuta on a far away island called Mata Nui. The Toa defeat evil after evil that Makuta creates until Makuta gets his ass handed to him by Takanuva, the 7th Toa. Anyway none of that matters, all that matters is that you go out and buy Bionicle. You know you want too, because Bionicle is where most of my paycheck comes from.
All Toas are $8.95 each, $9.64 with tax. Makuta is $19.95, $21.50 with tax. Takanuva is $29.95, $32.27 with tax. Would you like a bag with that?
by The Toa of Selling Toas August 28, 2004
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Biological Chronicle (spelling?) One fan site is Bzpower. One of Lego's best lines ever.
by Maslego January 19, 2004
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Bionicle stands for "Biomechanical Chronicle" and is Lego's first original saga. It begins with six heroes called toa fighting for peace, and win against the evil Makuta. They are transformed in a battle against a new evil, the bohrok, and the first evil comes back with his sons, the Rahkshi. Another toa is discovered and Makuta is defeated once and for all. The village chieftans tell the toa a tale of Metru-Nui, their past, and how they were once toa. At Metru-Nui a matoran villager is a traitor, and plans to destroy Metru-Nui, a super advanced city. Then everyone fled to Mata-Nui, etc.
"I must face him alone." - Takanuva, the seventh toa. From Bionicle, Mask of Light.
by Robert (Rahkshuta on BZPower) February 25, 2004
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Short for "Biological Chronicle". A line of building toys released by Lego, which features six mighty heroes and their sruggle for the masks of power.
"That is the way of the Bionicle"
by Groucho Marx February 15, 2004
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