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sis vs bro video:last thing on my iphone x 2 years ago in 2018 when they were only 9,10,11 Francesca and Leah ahve social media and they're not even in middle school yet sothey are spoiled youtubers.
by stuffed animal lovers youtuber December 14, 2020
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What you wear if your a baby or have problems or for emergencies where your bladder or stomach are full and there's no bathroom for a while
I'm gonna wear a diaper for the long car ride.
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like diapers for kids potty training in case they get to a situation where there is no bathroom and a kid still in potty training phase can't hold their pee long enough to make it to the bathroom in time.
Mother:You need to wear pull ups in the car in case you have to go potty and we can't get to one. Child:okay mommy.
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When you had to go potty really bad but there was nowhere to go and you didn't make it.
(continuing from my potty emergency definition): Little kid crying more:I can't hold it!!! Parent:yes you can use your muscles. Kid:I can't hold it!!! Parent:no you are not going potty in your carseat. Kid crying more:I can't hold it!!! I'm potty failing!!! Parent looking at kid:you did not just go in your carseat. Kid crying while going potty in carseat:Its too late I'm already going!
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When you had a full bladder that couldn't hold anymore and made you pee yourself
(didn't really happen):I was in the pool for a while and had to pee badly and my friend talked to me for a while and my bladder was bursting my legs were crossed and when my friend stopped talking I got up to use the bathroom and made it but my bladder just couldn't hold anymore and tried to hold long enough to use the toilet but I had a full bladder accident before I could use the bathroom and my bathing suit was soaked in pool water and my pee from my bladder.
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When you have to go potty really bad but there's no where to relieve yourself.
Little kid:mommy daddy I have to go potty. One of the parents:there's no potty here you'll have to hold t until we get to one. little kid ten minutes later crying: I need to go potty!!! I'm having a potty emergency!!! One of the parents: stop crying before you use the potty in your carseat. Little kid crying:I can't hold it!!!
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