How my old Italian grandma from The Bronx says “Toilet”.
Grandma: Vinny, Did you flush the fowckin’ terlet?
Me: Yes Grandma.
by NuggetMilitia1 May 2, 2018
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The place where you can find a $20 bill
I found a real $20 bill in the terlet at work.
by Virtuwill June 1, 2022
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Hidden secret forum for emo queers to shit talk behind other forum member's backs.
20 people online but no new posts in the main in the last 2 hours. The terlet must be jumping!
by Soft Knockers June 25, 2010
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n. Mispronouciation (redneck style) of "toilet"
Took a big old dump in the terlet.
by Turd Feguson July 1, 2004
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