A massively overpriced 'innovative' phone made by apple. Is primarily used to turn your face into random emojis and using 2% of cpu for posting selfies on instagram'
John - 'I just got the new iPhone X'
Vlaros - 'For £1200?? That shit better take me on vacation when I put it on airplane mode'
by Spanish Panda September 16, 2017
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A phone apple pulled from their arses and slapped on Face ID that only works within a 15cm radius, also the improved sket called siri is still as deaf as your gandma listening to that emo shit skrillex.
Person 1: Show how that great iphone x works!
Person 2: let me shit it out.
by _NotEllis_ January 26, 2018
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You're basically paying $1,000 for features that are gone. I'd rather have features than lose features. It's a phone make by MISTAKE.
Check out my "sick" iPhone X
Check that out, a Samsung Galaxy S8 rip-off!
It has similar features that Android phones have.
Like what
Wireless charging that existed years ago
It's one thousand dollars
Mines is $450, plus a headphone jack
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A Waste of our money also know as emoji simulator
My IPhone x was so much money
by Lorsh Zontek February 21, 2018
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A gay ass phone that is too overpriced like tbh, $1000. Y'all fucked up it y'all bought that.
Man: I just bought the iPhone X
Another man: Fuck that shit. I have an iPhone 7 and it's better and cheaper
Man: Well that's true but it has facial recognition.
Another man: It didn't even work when the girl showed it in front of the rich people
Man: Ok stop making fun of me because I got an expensive office that isn't that good.
by Vueboy530 October 16, 2017
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The newest and "extraordinary" product from Apple. Better donate your two kidneys now if you want to get a $999 emoji machine.
Human: Im going to buy an Iphone X
Apple: 999$
Human: I'm moving on samsung phones.
by imSynOfficial November 26, 2017
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