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The one person who can make me feel as if everything will be okay, even when it won't be. The one person who can turn my fron upside down. The one who can really make me feel loved.
I love my b-a-b-y Larry.
by Stephy April 03, 2005
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a shot made in basketball where the player steps or jumps back as the ball is released
mad fadeaway!!!
by stephy February 20, 2004
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A sad excuse for guys to get with girls sjust to get laid; girls will go along with it because they are stupid, and pathetic. By meeting a guy on valentine's day they will get with them because they think they are something special, and the idea of them spending this sad marketing ploy alone, is something they can't deal with.
Guy: Wanna be my Valentine? *Wanna bone?*
Girl: Yes indeed (I need someone to make me feel less lonely as I am extreamly pathetic)
by Stephy February 19, 2004
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meaning as in being butt fucked....came from and 8pm walk in the ghetto neighberhood
"o ma gawd that chick is walking all bofo'd"
by Stephy February 06, 2005
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For some people it as known as a baby corn. This is usually a result of an unusually high ammount of drug use, and or smoking.
Wanna suck on my big one? *Secretly knows it is only two inches*
by Stephy February 19, 2004
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last name of the lead singer for MEST, and his cousin which is MEST's bassist ; also can be slang for 'love'
Tony and Matt Lovato ; I Lovato you.
by Stephy March 12, 2004
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Kyles penis <33333
I wanna hump holy shit!
by Stephy April 18, 2005
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