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Last name of a Disney star. the only one that can sing.
Someone: Woah that chick can sing?

guy: Who?

Someone: Lovato. Demi Lovato
by 123456lkhhjd July 20, 2010
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An ancient being proficient in the art of graphics and programming. Not related with Demi Lovato but even better. Worked at Videouno. Doesn't like Unity. He's a Chad. Don't mess with him.
Wow Tetris on the .NET console, who has done it?
I don't know, but it surely was done with help of Lovato.
by UrbanPublications October 06, 2020
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last name of the lead singer for MEST, and his cousin which is MEST's bassist ; also can be slang for 'love'
Tony and Matt Lovato ; I Lovato you.
by Stephy March 12, 2004
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Tony got me in trouble with Benji...haha now Benj thinks i think the chicks in feeling this are hot...but yeah..tony rocks!
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