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1) to be in the worst possible situation at the most inappropriate time. Usually spoken in accordance with the word "up" in a coarse manner.
that squid got fucked up. This guy came and fucked him up from behind. Man that was fucked up.
by squid September 28, 2003

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A town in Lancashire, NW England. Unfortunately has had some bad press recently, particularly about the large BNP presence/racial problems and social deprivation in the town.

The truth is that Burnley is OK as a place but has just suffered from economic recession over the last two decades and needs a large employer or perhaps a big happening culturally to help it out.

Sure, you get some absolute scumbags who will beat anything up that walks at night, but most of the people are good, honest, genuine Northerners. Oh, they are in the 21st century as well - all this bollocks about us "pointing at planes" (?) etc. is just a stereotype as inaccurate as saying "all turks are violent." I can't remember the last time I saw a whippet or flat cap in the town.

Can I add the number of BNP voters - scarcely over 4,000 at the last election - wouldn't even fill a stand at the ground of Burnley's rather good football club.

Sure, there are racists, but hardly any more than in other UK towns. Well, I hope so - that'll be put to the test over the next few years. But I'm keeping my chin up.
"No-one likes us..
No-one likes us..
We don't care..
We are Burnley
Super Burnley
We are Burnley
From the North" (popular football chant)
by SQUID May 09, 2005

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A rather inaccurate term, used to describe a black American. On paper, it seems fairly sensible as British- Asian would be used as an ethnic description of Olympic boxer Amir Khan, as he is British but has parents from Asia (Pakistan).

However, I don't need to tell anyone with half a brain there have been black people in the USA for hundreds of years who have about as much connection to Africa as I do to Bill Clinton just because I'm white.

Think: could you see 50 Cent playing Senegalese folk music, phoning a witch doctor or conducting a "rain dance" with his (mostly black, I presume) G-Unit rapper mates? Nah!!

No, so shut the hell up, Mr Politically Correct - you're playing into the racists' hands by using this definition! (See go back to Africa.)

Another result of the political correctness, which seems to have made about as useful a contribution to Western society as AIDS.

"Sorry, you can't say black, how about African-American?" - True statement made by a cop to a teenage friend of mine reporting a crime in the USA.
by SQUID May 08, 2005

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Both retarded and ridiculous
We're going to invade England? That's retarculous
by squid September 26, 2003

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A small town in Lancashire, England, UK. Twinned with Springfield, South Park and Royston Vasey from "The League of Gentlemen" - need I say more?
"Clitheroe is the fashion capital of Europe"
by SQUID March 07, 2005

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Carnage or painful excitement in the scrotal area. Can be caused by a number of different sensations including the scrotal jackhammer and getting your testes ripped of by an angry girrafe/scorpion.
I hope you get scrotal carnage you burnt shit gay-face
by Squid December 12, 2004

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An extension of the word twonk, which can be used to describe someone who is being a twonk. Can be combined with the word shit to give an effective offensive word, Twonker-shit.
You utter twonker

You utter twonker-shit
by Squid December 12, 2004

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