To unknowingly be drugged by your friend. Typically mdma is dropped in your beverage while you are distracted or in the restroom.
I got twinned last night for the second time.
by Jsho December 6, 2015
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The act in which a female participates in sexual intercourse with two male identical twins.
I had such an awesome night last night, i got twinned by Chris and Jason!
by Twin1 March 9, 2008
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when you have a connection with somebody because you both have twins
Chelsea: I saw Landon again today.
Brandon: Really, because I just saw Prelsea a little bit ago.
Chelsea: If we weren't twin twins we wouldn't see each others twin so often.
by bravycrockett December 9, 2010
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Your best friend. Yo homie or your homegirl. Your closest friend
DEO goat: luh you twin

Yrg goat: thanks gangy
by DEOZ March 13, 2022
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A take on the popular term "winning," it refers to identical thoughts or behavior, as well as to brilliance.
Person 1: "Oh my gosh, I was just about to say that!"
Person 2: "TWINNING!"

Person 1: "Uh, we're wearing the same sweater?"
Person 2: "TWINNING!!"
by .,.,.,.,.,. January 6, 2012
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wearing the same clothing as your friend
OMG we are wearing the same vans #twinning (now you usually take a photo)
by itswhatervrs November 3, 2013
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When someone and their friend say or think the same thing, they are "twinning"
Martin was twinning with his friend, Jonathan about their hobbie
by Lil Korean kiddy March 30, 2015
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