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An expression of agreement. Can be used in place of 'indeed.' Can also be used sarcastically to get someone to stop fucking talking to you about frivolous things.

syn: you said it.
Rhonda: Juan, it's pretty cold outside today.
Juan: And how!

Erin: I told her to shut the hell up because she was being a whore. I mean who tries anal with her boyfriend and then tells the entire cheer squad about it? I swear, Kelly is so totally gay...
Franklin (clearly annoyed): AND HOW!
by Skivvy March 24, 2004
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An agreement with a fucking "A" attached to it
Person 1: "Man, that girl is a major bitch."

Person 2: "And how"
by shanedawg85 March 30, 2005
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A word used to describe an agreement with an opinion or statement. used as an expression, similiar to: indeed. or sweet jesus i agree!
Babysitter: Sparkles poop snarls won't come out! She needs a hairbrush!

kid: and how!!
by Charlene Gupta August 23, 2006
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