A town in Lancashire, NW England. Unfortunately has had some bad press recently, particularly about the large BNP presence/racial problems and social deprivation in the town.

The truth is that Burnley is OK as a place but has just suffered from economic recession over the last two decades and needs a large employer or perhaps a big happening culturally to help it out.

Sure, you get some absolute scumbags who will beat anything up that walks at night, but most of the people are good, honest, genuine Northerners. Oh, they are in the 21st century as well - all this bollocks about us "pointing at planes" (?) etc. is just a stereotype as inaccurate as saying "all turks are violent." I can't remember the last time I saw a whippet or flat cap in the town.

Can I add the number of BNP voters - scarcely over 4,000 at the last election - wouldn't even fill a stand at the ground of Burnley's rather good football club.

Sure, there are racists, but hardly any more than in other UK towns. Well, I hope so - that'll be put to the test over the next few years. But I'm keeping my chin up.
"No-one likes us..
No-one likes us..
We don't care..
We are Burnley
Super Burnley
We are Burnley
From the North" (popular football chant)
by SQUID May 10, 2005
Chav capital of the universe. An old milling town. In the top 10% worst towns in the whole of england. PLEASE LET ME LEAVE THIS PLACE
Burnley is the worst town ever for chavs
by Omegadragon November 23, 2006
Burnley- the true art of football and one of mainfounders, if it wern't for this team/town there would be no such thing as football. so thank you Burnley for bringing us this superb game.
Blackburn's subs are worth more than Burnleys full team and still they cant maintain a comfortable position in the premiership their fore are completely utter bollocks
by Ben April 20, 2005
A small town in Lancashire, England known for its poverty, hatred, acoholism, fair decent football team and some pretty decent girls, yeah some might be proper munters but hey beggers cant be choosers.
I would go into Burnley to pick up some birds, but I prefer not to get stabbed
by jsrobbo October 17, 2010
A decent place in Lancashire with a huge amount of history.

Always known as a championship side until recent times and an underrated team.

Better than blackburn Rovers although history doesn’t show.

Well known for a man named Ashley Barnes who is the greatest hold up player to ever grace the premier league.

Well known for a classic 4-4-2.
They play like Burnley
by Nottherealcoolguy December 8, 2019
A shite hole, with the very shite football club, burnley is very competetive with blackburn, but blackburn always seems to win at everything
Fu*k burnley right off, sheep sheep sheep shaggers,
by mik January 7, 2004
A shit hole in the middle of hills with plenty of sheep.

their only access to great life is the train through to blackburn, getting on this train would be most people from burnleys DREAM.This train also passes through Rishton Rishtons higher class and great society makes many jealous, especially those from burnley, who wonder why they have 6 toes and 3 fingers.

Without wittering on..

getting too the point.

blackburn are better than burnley.
always have been.
always will be.
blackburn rovers are the true team around here.
always will be.
Blackburn 2-1 Burnley

Morten gamst pedersen tra la la la

always in your heads ;)
by Maisie=] June 11, 2007