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Perpetual gray skies, as those found in the Pacific Northwest, most notably Portland.
"By February, months of permacast had me needing to get out of Portland and find some sun."
by spenceronehalf November 16, 2005
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One of the many forms of terrorism (in the form of torture) used by the US military in the "service" of putting an end to terrorism. Waterboarding (called "water torture" in the 16th century and used to test the witchiness of witches) involves holding a person down, covering their face with fabric, then pouring water on the fabric. The wet fabric makes it impossible to breath and the person feel as if they are about to drown, thus freaking them out to the extent that they will do just about anything to avoid more torture.
The CIA and US military use waterboarding to promote democracy worldwide.
by spenceronehalf December 28, 2005
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A worldview combining watered-down adherence to Eastern and/or new-age spirituality and full-on consumerism. Anyone who thinks buying an electric car is a forward-thinking solution to life's problems is a metrospiritualist.
"I don't care how much my yoga classes cost, they bring me closer to peace," said the adherent to metrospiritualism.
by spenceronehalf October 10, 2006
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Those attributes most commonly associated with slackers, such as sketch clothing, joblessness, being generally chill, and having a hardcore dedication to hanging out on the couch.
Every since Meriam dropped out of that noisy rock-n-roll band, I fear that our daughter has become ... has become ... positivey slackadelic!
by spenceronehalf December 28, 2005
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A girl or woman who, unfortunately, finds herself oversubscribed to dominant views of beauty and femininity.
Dude, your new step-mom is such a fembot. I mean, aside from the plastic surgery, dye job, and falsies, I don't know what your Dad sees in her.
by spenceronehalf December 21, 2005
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A handheld electronic device thought to keep one's life in order but generally found to be an annoyance to others and self. Short for "Palm Pilot."
Dude, don't you have her number in your Palm?
by spenceronehalf August 10, 2004
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Expressive of serious magnitude. No triffle, mind you.
I'm hungry in a big way ... Ain't no slice gonna do me!
by spenceronehalf January 18, 2004
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