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I get mis when it rains.
by spacer_ October 7, 2008
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Food so inherently fatty that your arteries are getting completely fucked by eating them. Often whilst in the process of eating these foods you can feel yourself getting heavier and your breathing tighter.
Can also be used to refer to a period of excessive unhealthy eating.
Examples include: bacon fried in grease, scones and clotted cream, battered mars bars.
"scones and clotted cream, I can't get enough of them. But srsly what an artery fuck."

"today was a total artery fuck, what with that battered mars bar for lunch followed by a large portion of chips with extra salt."
by spacer_ October 8, 2009
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A book that has garnered the affection of tweenies everywhere; it tells of the neurotic, paranoid relationship between two people. They are both jealous of their rivals and continually try to kill themselves to get out of their boring lives. Neither has much of a personality to speak of though they find one another fascinating, possibly because they have never before met anyone as boring and one dimensional as themselves.
an extract from Twilight:

"Edward, what about ROSALIE?!"
"She means nothing to me, but what about Mike?!"
"Ugh you have nothing to worry about! Please don't try to kill yourself again! I mean, I don't really like Italy, maybe if the Volturi could relocate to Paris?"
"Isabella. I feel as though you are not taking me seriously. Are you shagging Jacob on the side??"
by spacer_ November 21, 2008
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The eBayers' petname for eBay. Similar to the way gangsters nicknamed the neighbourhood the hood.
"Coming out tonight?"
"Nah I'm hanging in the Bay trying to score some tickets for that sold out Jack's Mannequin gig."
by spacer_ February 9, 2009
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Verb, to lauralei. To check things out. First coined in Gilmore Girls series four.
Girl 1: "you're up?"
Rory: "I was up. Come on in."
Girl 1: "We lauralei-ed a few places and found the good coffee."
Rory: "Lauralei-ed?"
Girl 2: "Checked places out."
Girl 1: "Seemed like the appropriate word."

Girl one seems to like talking.
to lauralei.

by spacer_ March 1, 2009
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Waiting with eBay-ted breath:

1.The state of an eBayer whilst waiting to see if they will win an item, or be outbid at the last minute.

2. The feeling during the waiting period between winning an item on eBay and receiving it.

1. "I won't be on msn tonight, I'm waiting with eBay-ted breath to see if Bidder3 outbids me."

2. Alice was waiting with eBay-ted breath for the spork she ordered to arrive. She'd asked for yellow, and wanted to see if a spoon+fork+knife in one object could actually exist..
by spacer_ February 3, 2009
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