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she's the best friend you'll ever have and she's so caring and genuine and she's so beautiful like wowwwww. she's a genius and has nice hair and is basically and Indian princess. she is strong and kind and amazing. her personality is contagious and her big smile makes you want to be happy. her room is always messy but that's ok and she makes good smoothies and she's typically from French Polynesia originally but doesn't live there anymore. she is sometimes considered "lethal" but is actually the sweetest person ever. she is super protective of her friends and her friends are lucky to know her. she knows a lot about WWII sunken ships now. I love Abia.
Did you get your peanut butter packet from Whole Foods?

No, Abia bought it for me when I found her missing Beatles shirt in her room.
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019

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ulla is the sweetest girl you ever did meet. she's basically a Greek goddess. except not a tall Greek goddess. also so genuine. really cares about being nice and making small but helpful impacts on people's lives. probably will give birth to a grateful dead bear. and she always has the best boyfriend.
who is that girl wearing the patagonia beanie?
she looks like an ulla. i saw her at REI the other day.
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019

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miles is a rock climber man with good arms. and his face what a wow. he looks like he's from riverdale. all the girls like him, but only as of a few weeks ago. and his laugh is kinda nice. oh he's so great.
do you think you can play soccer while rock climbing?
no, only miles can do that.
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019

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olivia is the girl who always looks amazing. she has beautiful eyes and a smile that gives you vibrations. she has a great sense of style. sometimes she farts and you can't go in the same stall as her. but everyone loves her all the same. she makes funny faces and likes bras. olivia is a girl who likes to have fun and live her life to the fullest. if you are with her, you'll be having a good time too. she's easy to like, and when you walk next to her your steps will match up.
"who is that wow shes pretty oh my god wow wow wow"
"oh, that's olivia. i wish i was her she's so cool"
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019

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someone who loves crocs and has a crush on Shrek. she jams to hard rap. she's funny and typically wears eyeshadow but not because others tell her to but because she wants to. she is usually gluten free but sometimes a jammin julia is vegan too
whose crocs are those?
those definitely belong to a jammin julia. they even have Shrek heads in the holes.
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019

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a guy who’s always there. he’ll half-listen just to be nice even if ur being annoying. and he’ll always share a seat or let u sit in his lap. he might ask if he can eat u out and if u take him up on that he’s probably pretty good at it even if u do it on the bathroom floor. he’ll send u memes of how motherfucking beautiful u r every damn day. he can make u feel all gooey inside with his cute ass smile and his eyes peekin out from his hair. sometimes he makes stupid mistakes but everyone knows he’s got a good heart and everyone loves him.
oh my god is that takavaha?

yea jesus he’s such a fuckin honeypie
by snailmanthecantaloupe June 27, 2019

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