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also the name of the souther zone of argentina, beggining in the province of Rio Negro all the way down until where the continent ends
someone:you know where the patagonia is?
you: just read the above definition
by mynameisusedbysomeoneelse November 21, 2009
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The ultimate sportswear company. Their Regulator System Jackets blow North Face's out of the water, their Synchilla fleece are trememdously comfortable while at the same time envoronmentally sound (made from recycled bottles). Their subsidiary, Lotus Designs, makes the best life jackets and foul weather tops are the best and most stylish on the market. Overall, although their stuff is expensive, it's worth every penny in terms of comfort, style and build quality.
My bright-green Patagonia ski jacket is the nicest and most eye-catching piece of apparell on the slopes
by Alex B. December 23, 2004
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The brand of choice for Sun Valley ski bums, Chaconians, and Mountainsexuals alike. A high end outdoor apparel brand for those who seldom go outdoors. A brand who's hypocrisy outweighs that of its grass rooted hipster enthusiasts.
"Did you see that bro trying to fish? "

" You mean the relocated Californian in the Patagonia outfit with Chacos on? "
by BoAustin August 06, 2012
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A form of hypocrisy used in the corporate world (most famously by the clothing company Patagonia) to profit from high browed claims of ethics and sustainability while secretly acting in an opposite way.
I heard that company was using sweatshop labor while claiming to make all their toys in the US, I think they are Patagoniaing the public.
by San22 August 03, 2007
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1. A landform located in Southern South America across Chile and Argentina, with the Argentinian side featuring grasslands, deserts, and steppes, and the Chilean side having fjords and temperate rainforests.

2. A clothing company started in the early 70's that is a status symbol among teens, with their pricey clothing, fancy backpacks, and other miscellaneous items.
1. One of the bucket list places to go before I die is to go to Patagonia, it is so beautiful down there.
2. I like Patagonia's clothing, but then I would labeled among the millions of brain dead teenagers. I will go with North Face instead.
by TomZeBomb August 07, 2017
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a word used to describe an unusually hairy person, especially when that hair is in spots it wouldn't normally dwell on an average human being. often exclaimed by other people around aforementioned hairy being.
has its origins in richmond, virginia for unknown reasons.
hair on top of feet is especially prevalent.
women's filtrum and surrounding area
tongue/roof of mouth
all patagonia worthy..
by Corn Diggity December 30, 2010
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