1. In religion, a generic term for a religious leader; does not imply a specific religion or rank.

2. In business, a clerk; one who handles documents and filing systems.

3. In Roll Playing Gaming, aka RPG, a magic-practicing priest; generally a healer, but this may vary according to alignment.
People employ clerics to practice their religion for them so they won't have to practice their religion themselves.
by Downstrike May 24, 2004
a holy priest specializing in healing magic and wards against the undead - devoted to helping others
that cleric just ressurected zaven
by derek March 15, 2004
(n.) Unrestrained and duplicitous homosexual activity.
"Sexual abuse is not about sex, it is about 'clericalism'." - Cardinal Blase Cupich

"Saying that 'No' to abuse means an emphatic ‘No’ to all forms of clericalism.” - Pope Francis

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick liked to 'clerical' seminarians at his beach house on the Jersey Shore.
by J. Collins September 5, 2018
Another way to say time for clam blaming.
It's Cleric, my Clam gots dibbs on that turtle!
by Taeko Hentie April 8, 2006
A kind of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by overexposure to too many scandals and problems in the modern church (such as impious Norvus Ordo liturgies that border on the sacrilegious, nearly constant news of insensitive and corrupt bishops, and abuse of different kinds).
I know that missing mass is wrong, but I think that too many "clown" masses have given me clerical PTSD.
by Paradox Pat January 8, 2023
A term that darkly mocks what clinical psychology has become in this data-heavy, lawsuit-driven world which often values documentation of treatment more than the treatment itself.
I feel like I should be called a “clerical psychologist” because the time needed to appropriately document the clinical contact, required by the state, can eat up the entire hour, leaving me with no time to interact with the patient!
by Dr Bunnygirl September 15, 2019
Someone who is so much of a bad-ass, they can beat Judge Dredd, Solid Snake, Jason Borne, Jack Bauer, Batman, V, Darth Vader, Ezio Audiotre, Agent 47, Max Payne, Agent Smith, and Neo, all at once with nothing but two Beretta 92fs pistols

Someone who can kill an entire army in total darkness without moving and armed with only two Beretta 92fs pistols

Someone who can take down an entire government, all of whom are armed with semi-automatic and fully automatic assualt rifles, with two Berretta 92fs pistols and a katana.

Seriouly..this guy is fucking insane
Derp1: Dude...my friend just killed hella marine corp guys in like two seconds
Derp2: Must be a Grammaton Cleric

In the movie Equilibrium, Christian Bale is a total Grammaton Cleric
by space time lordf August 2, 2012