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another way to say "mother fucker"; a more innocent form of the saying "mother fucker" meant to be used around parents, teachers, etc.
Tanner is such a mother trucker when he goes on a date with Ashleigh.
by Baseballer4Life08 April 21, 2009
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a polite way of saying uno what
u mothertrucker
by rmawills September 24, 2003
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*Your friend hits you with a swift punch to the face* AH!! YOU MOTHER TRUCKER! I'll fucking kill you!
by TomorowsMemory March 27, 2003
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Suburban housewife who drives her oversized SUV over the speed limit while she's talking on her cell phone.
"Damn, that mothertrucker went right through the crosswalk!"
by Carmela Kelly April 27, 2008
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(N.) A euphemism for Big, Mother F**ker! A profanity loophole. Also, a crappy video game.
"Big Mutha Truckers" is an atrociously bad game on the X-Box.
by G-Union October 21, 2003
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A redneck. Especially one who is obscenely overweight and/or kind of douchy.
Bruce: Ugh, I cannot believe those mother truckers sitting behind us at the restaurant.

Lance: I know! Talking about NASCAR and making gross slupring noises.
by Bronxite April 15, 2009
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The matron saint of the Teamsters. Viewed as a diety, her image is often visible on the mudflaps of tractor trailers.
As he roared into the night, the last thing visible on Earl's rig was those Mother Trucker mudflaps.
by oxmix October 21, 2003
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