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The type of parents whose kids will eventually cut ties with them permanently and never meet them again, or do elderly abuse. What goes around comes around.
Person 1: Heard John and his parents don't talk to each other anymore. What happened?

Person 2: His conservative parents drove him nuts. So when graduation came around, he disowned them permanently.
by senthurmanz April 21, 2018
Something that is retarded in the United States. You can thank Reagan and MADD for that.
"The Drinking Age is 19 in Canada, which is acceptable. Here it's 21 because conservatism.
by senthurmanz October 31, 2017
A place where visions of all those doctor "reality shows" come to die. In other words, your time spent there will become hell itself, with the final product being a slave of the system itself. Even if do escape there "unscathed", the process of school will never end, especially if you have to specialize in surgery itself.
Person 1: "I want to become a doctor so I can safe lives."

Person 2: "Dude, forget medical school, it's suicide. Instead , go get a MBA, and become a hospital admin instead."
by senthurmanz May 12, 2017
A pizza chain that's in slow decline, mostly from its retarded owner who doesn't understand how much have other pizza chains improved, such as Dominoes and Pizza Hut.
Johns Schnatter: Why is my business failing?

Everyone: Mostly because you became a jerk to your own brand. Papa Johns would improve without you.
by senthurmanz November 3, 2017
Most underappreciated health profession, as indicated by the ridiculous staff ratios in hospitals. Without them, patients are screwed.
Person 1: I can't believed it! Went to the hospital today, and instead got a nurse practitioner to help me. How dare they!

Person 2: How about you stfu. They actually know their shit.
by senthurmanz May 9, 2017
Best motivation songs or videos. Period. By the time you finish listening to one, you're ready for anything, not matter what :)
Rocky was your average joe, til he went through a 80's montage. Now he's the real tiger.
by senthurmanz March 12, 2016
A path not for the faint of heart. Not only will you get constantly shafted by your classes, but god forbid you get a professor or TA that grades your homework without being lenient, which happens to be the case. On the plus side, it'll be easy to find engineering opportunities and related-club, solely out of the experience of surviving hell with other poor souls.
Person 1: "I heard John had three panic attacks in a given week."

Person 2: "Welcome to Engineering."
by senthurmanz February 22, 2018