Quiet Hours ( kwahy-it ou-ers) - Noun - The state in a fraternity house where members are to not have their fratty music to a decibel level that will cause another brother to feel uncomfortable while studying for exams. Usually enforced that last two weeks of a semester so most brothers can graduate and earn a high paying job and not end up working at McDonald's.
"Dude what happened to Quiet Hours this week? those BITCH kids are gonna fail out"

"Man I wish I had an easy major, I wouldnt give a shit for quiet hours"

"Did you hear about the party on T-FLOOR? they are so bad ass for violating quiet hours, I hope they are still raise the house GPA"

"Man, Fuck Quiet Hours" - Danny G
by PARAIDER December 8, 2009
The hours of the night that begin somewhere around 11:30 PM and extend until mid-morning, when society frowns on interrupting a friend's late-night stalking or lurking on Facebook. Facebook feels quiet as a library, and you feel as though you are the only one on the entire site, because by this time your Live Feed has slowed to a halt. It is customary to ignore the presence of other online facebookers at this time unless they are very close friends, to allow everyone ample time for mindless late night facebooking, which may include but it not limited to Farmville, Mass Picture Stalking, or wall-to-wall reading.
Person 1: "Dude, last night I had 36 friends online, but I couldn't talk to them because it was during Facebook Quiet Hours."

Person 2: "Sucks. Same thing happened to me."
by GingerSnapRayRay May 15, 2010