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a little understood profession by the public an advanced nurse praticioner or ANP is an individual who has completed graduate school for nursing and does very much the same job as a doctor but makes more and is payed by whatever company they work for instead of by the pateint from insurance companies. they can determine diagnosis and write perscriptions to treat pateints. in certain specalties they report to a doctor once a week so they can check the paper work.
hi, im a nurse practitioner, whats the problem
patient : when am i going to see the doctor
ANP: you wont ill be treating you
pateint: so your a doctor
ANP: no im a nurse pratitioner
pateint: so why am i not seeing a doctor
ANP: becouse i can give you the same treatment as a doctor, now what are you here for?
by ANPnurse January 03, 2010
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