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1) A police officer from the mysteriously 1980's-like future Detroit area. He apparently has some sort of bullet-making apparatus in him because he never runs out of bullets... EVER.
2) Along with Terminator 1 and 2, RoboCop 1, and in some cases RoboCop 2, make up the best cyborg fiction movies ever.
3) A term used by idiots, most of whom never saw the (awesome) 1987 movie. If their girlfriend really was like him, they would have, like, 80 bullet holes in them on the 2nd night and two lost limbs.
1. (In the movie) OCP has just invented the latest in police technology... RoboCop!!!

2. Job: RoboCop is an amazing movie. So is the 2nd sequel and the terminator movies with Arnold. But John Connor is a stupid douche.

3. Kanye: Cuz I don't want no RoboCop
by scratchmaster101 February 25, 2011
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1. a thing men need and worship
2. a thing women use
3. A thing that the more douchey men believe makes them special or sexually attractive, when really there are literally billions of other people with dicks just like theirs, or better.
4. a name most young lesbian girls call douches or exes
1. Horrace could never live without his penis
2. Jane was bored so she decided to go get a penis
3. Fabio: Bitch! U kno u wannit!! Dayum! I bet all the girls in here wanna suck my huge D!
Goldigger: Ehem, your tiny penis is not made out of solid gold!
4. Layne: Izzy is such a penis!
by scratchmaster101 January 20, 2011
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Food of the gods and of New Yorkers. An open-faced pie made with (in order of appearance) toppings (usually mushroom or broccoli. The works does well too), cheese (not too much please! and extra melty), and tomato sauce (lots of it). It can be found at the Church of Deliciousness, a.k.a., the pizza place: a haven for grease, friends, drugs, and loud italian and hispanic chefs.
Pizza is praised among physicians for containing the four major food groups; dairy, breads, vegetables, and love
Even rich people in New York eat pizza

Deigo: What're you doing after school
Maddie: I'm going to the pizza place. Wanna come?
by scratchmaster101 February 02, 2011
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what a lady/child yells at you when they want your money.
Guy: hey kid, you dropped your wallet.
Kid: thanks. hey, that's a nice suit. you must have a lot of money to afford that....
Guy: uh, thanks, well, don't drop that thing again (pats kid on shoulder)-
Kid: HELP! RAPE!!!

fat feminist man hater to bystanding office guy: don't look at me like that you bastard! i'm going to file a case for sexual harassment!
guy: what?
lady: tell it to the judge you son of a bitch!
by scratchmaster101 December 07, 2009
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Putting gold caps on your teeth and begging to get your jaw broken by a crackhead. Make your teeth look nasty and a waste of money. Eating ruins them and can't look good on anybody. Unless you do something really creative with them, nobody wants to see. Go pay ur rent instead.
Dumbass: Yaaawwww! Lookit mah grillz!!!

Crackhead: sdnvoieufnrlviaurehjgklrnbkhgz.kjgheil!!

<Crackhead breaks guy's jaw and takes his grillz to buy crack and a cardboard box to sleep in>

Dumbass (now without teeth): Mmmmffphfmmfmmmmffffff!!
by scratchmaster101 April 27, 2011
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1. A very interesting person who has developed a certain skill to the point of perfection. An Upcoming Artist is someone who is developing a skill to the point of perfection. Artists can be good at anything, painting, sculpture, neurosurgery, math, often using skills from one talent to excel in another field

(many doctors are artists). Artists are very eager to learn new things in their constant pursuit of perfection, and true artists make work that is absolutely perfect. Artists can't be described as either type A or type B, or social or antisocial, since anyone who strives for perfection of anything is really an artist. Good artists study up on the work of masters (people who pioneer new technology, philosophies, or created work that can be understood through multiple viewpoints as great leaps forward).

2. A term used by lazy rats or people with inflated egos to explain why they don't have a real job/life/friends. These people often are not willing to learn or try new things, insisting that they already have all the skills they need to be great. These people make no contributions to larger society whatsoever and are a general pest. You can find some of them at art galleries making bombastic or inflated statements about the art there instead of getting outside and curing polio or teaching people.
Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist who employed his many talents to create beautiful works of art and science.

Jill the artist has been holed up in her studio working on a mural for a children's hospital and wants to get every detail right.

Jack used his ability to copy and artistic skill to make tactile replicas of paintings and sculptures to put in museums for blind people. He is an artist.

Henry dropped out of community college and hasn't bathed or cleaned his apartment in weeks because he's an "artist" and doesn't understand why people won't buy paintings from his "Shit on a Canvas" series.
by scratchmaster101 November 17, 2011
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