A fictional character of the popular movie series Terminator and the tv series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In the series John Connor, a teenager, will someday lead the humans in the war against the machines. Therefore robots are constantly sent through time to destroy him, and any hope humanity has of survival. He is the future of man kind. He has been played by Ed Furlong (T2), Nick Stahl (T3), & Thomas Dekker (TSCC). He is absent in T1 due to the fact that he wasn't born yet. In short supposedly the leader of the free humanity movement.
John Connor is one of the hottest fictional characters ever!
by Kat288 July 11, 2008
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A John Connor Honour is the biggest possible honour accomplishment possible.
You bailed me out of jail ! What a John Connor Honour !
I owe you !
by Marc O.C. & Evan Z. April 28, 2010
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That feeling you get that your life is pointless and unfulfilled, and that you'd only find your true place in the world when the apocalypse comes (Then you'd be a legend!)
Typical John Connor syndrome sufferer:
My job sucks, my family hates me. But I still feel like I ought to be a somebody. If only something really, really bad would happen, like the zombie apocalypse or something, so I could be a hero...
by George McBob September 14, 2009
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A sexy, hunky beast of a man. A truly gorgeous sight. So hot he’ll make you sweat at the thought of his gargantuan biceps.
Emily: Did you see John O Connor?
Eric: OMG Yasss he was so hot!!!
by Ilikemennoidont January 3, 2022
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