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a sport that requires speed,strength,agility, and endurance. has more contact than football and requires less padding bwcause they are not afraid of injury.
lacrosse was the first american sport created by the indians to settle conflict between neighboring tribes
by ScarryLarry October 12, 2003

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greatest band ever from gothensburg sweden.no other band can come close to being as good as in flames
in flames are man made gods
by ScarryLarry November 03, 2003

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a barbaric tribe responsible for the fall of rome.alomost destroyed christianity in europe.know as the riders of the apocolypse by many before the death of attila.
by ScarryLarry October 26, 2003

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what the fuck? how can soad be pop?have u heard suger,shimmy,toxicitiy,chop suey or any of their songs for that matter?
gay kid:soad is pop!lets listen to linken park!
cool kid:go kill urself,no one luvs u.
by ScarryLarry October 10, 2003

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Gay unit, when a stupid illiterate moron thinks theyre ghetto and calls themselve a g unit they have no idea that g unit actually meanbs gay unit, so fuck all of u wiggers and rappers alike, listen to music that takes talent
Faggit ghetto kid: im a g unit!
Cool kid: no arguments there, you really are a gay unit
by scarrylarry May 31, 2004

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one who worships the cock as though it were a God
the little do most ppl know, but computer nerds all over the world unite to form the coklar movement
by ScarryLarry November 03, 2003

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a person who seeks out injustices on the internet.dislikes ppl who think they r the shit and think they know everything(italians and Aaron Einstien)known for his witty comebacks,hateful insults,and great understanding of the world around him.does not pretend to be a god like that idiot Aaron Einstein.
ScarryLarry is just ur everyday person who tends to have more common sense than needed
by ScarryLarry November 01, 2003

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