1.a penis being inserted into sone ladies titties
2.someone about to get a tit job
guy #1: hey what did you and your girlfriend do last night?
guy #2: 8===D (.)(.)
guy #1: sah-weet!
by chucknorrishasabigpenis October 14, 2008
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if you don't know what this is you need to get your eyes checked...
IT'S A DICK!!!(for you sticklers for proper scientific terminology out there, it's a penis( you know... that thing hanging between your legs(otherwise known as your best friend)))
Me: so what was the "reward" you recieved yesterday
Friend: 8===D๐Ÿ‘„
Me: ...
Me: I'm so proud of you (โ•ฅ๏นโ•ฅ)
by READIT!!! February 28, 2018
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