sweetest woman, lady, chix0r ever!
and uh...her cats named ASCII! :D

her background is just being the greatest person/chix0r ever.
<suger> y'all are going to hell!
<suger> HELL
<suger> HELL
<suger> HELL
<suger> HELL!
<suger> awww
<suger> y'all be friggen nice!
* suger storms off
<suger> *hugs*
by uberuser July 23, 2004
My bed companion. I love her. We're going to be getting married soon :).
<@mfqr> will you marry me suger?
<@suger> yes
by kawn October 28, 2005
Suger is a word used to insult someone about how horrible of a person they are. It also means an injured pigeon
by Tortletim February 21, 2019
Person who gives money to people that sleep with them
I got lots of money from my suger daddy last night
by 1lovebigbutts July 16, 2017
a word to call a girl with big tits
hey dude did you see that girl with them suger tits
by elnato17 December 25, 2008
A term used to describe pussy
I got all up inside Sandy's Suger walls last night
by Frank delleroy January 31, 2017
The absence of regular balls. In other words, acting like a wimp.
Suger Balls
by Trizzlesnitswalls January 16, 2010