1) a beautiful young woman who just so happens to be the shiz-nit
2) a name, which means it can be spelled in any way the birth mother chooses, therefore is correct.
3) someone who is so wonderful it is indescribable
4) someone who you should give a good definition, instead of being such a hater!
1) Melonie is soooo beautiful, those jeans on her @$$ are an accident waiting to happen.
2) There was a folk singer named Melonie.
3) Melonie, there are no words to describe how much you rock!
4) People who put mean definitions of Melonie not only suck, they are inaccurrate.
by melonie March 31, 2004
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funny girl, a lil weird and dumb but funny and nice
melonie genereauxaoewrnvorijnvr who goes to groves high school
by holleratyomommyo July 19, 2004
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A girl that everyone is obsessed with. No one can resist her natural charm for being fucking hot. She cannot walk outside because every couple breaks up; everyone wants to date her instead. She has great taste in music, art, and her ideas on the world are all so spiritual and make sense. Who wouldn't be obsessed with her? A study shows that 100% of people who say they arent are lying.
Im in obsessed with Melony. - everyone
by literallyyou June 1, 2021
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Someone who is amazing.

Synonyms: Beautiful, Incredible, Marvelous, Stunning, Gorgeous
Guy 1: Did you see that woman over there?
Guy 2: Yeah she was so Melony!
by mommy681 on animal jam May 27, 2017
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A younge beautiful women who has dark brown hair and hazel eyes or brown and is as loyal as can be but some times be a bitch and thinks she is ugly but she is not and like any type of food but yet stays the same and always makes the nices friends
My girlfriends name is Melonie and i love her
by MËLÖÑÏÊ May 1, 2019
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Melonie is a nice, funny girl that is so beautiful, she likes to tell dad jokes and be chill. She likes having guy friends becasue they’re cooler and she can relate. A tom boy. She is super smart and pretty but likes t call herself ugly and dumb.
boy 1: omg she’s so pretty and smart who’s that???

boy 2: that’s melonie she’s a dumb bitch lmao jk
by melonie p November 2, 2019
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