nickname of people with surname "Richardson"; shortened version of another nicname "RiCHO"
The Cho kicked a few goals today!
by S.Duper November 24, 2018
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when your fucking a girl from the back while shes wasted throwing up in the toilet, yack on her back and when she turns around cum in her eye.
Ey hash I gave that bitch the cho last night.
by Lebro August 29, 2007
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Butterfly. It's written as "cio-cio" in Italian, and Cio-cio is the name of the main character in the opera Madama Butterfly. In English it is usually spelled cho-cho. It's used more commonly as a pet's name than as a slang word for butterfly.
The calico kitten was dappled with so many colors that she looked like a pretty little butterfly. He decided to name her Cho-cho, his pretty cho-cho.
by farfalla September 6, 2009
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Cho-Cho (Sechium edule) is a fruit grown in warmer climates i.e. Jamaica, Florida, etc.

Also known by the names Chayote, Mirliton, Cho Ko, Cho-Cho, Vegetable Pear, Christophene.
You will need two Cho-Cho for the Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce.
by Idahojan January 20, 2009
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No put your cho cho lips on my drink, brah.
by gerrrg December 14, 2009
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