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An overblown "Wal-Mart" OS written by programmers who lack the balls and social skills to walk their own dog. How many of these fucks actually own a house, anyway? Suppossed to be an alternative to Windows but is way overrated, has shit for features and a lousy, cryptic GUI. This is how fucked up Linux is: Novell bought SuSE. That's the kiss-of-death. Ask them what their installed base is? BTW...hackers prefer Windows only because it's more prevalent. If Linux's installed base hits decent numbers in maybe the next 20 years, that turdball OS will be picked apart like a dead dog in the desert.
The calculator froze up again. Oh, that runs on a Linux kernel.

He just started developing Linux apps and is already asking me to borrow money.

I took the IP chains off my laptop and now I can't access my dick.

John from Novell emailed again. Just redirect his emails to the Salvation Army, thanks.
by s6 June 28, 2005

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Every third word used in the LA and Orange County areas of Southern California.
Like what time is it? Like I have no clue.

Like then I was like this and then I was like that and then I was like why are you looking at me like that and then she was like...

Like, OMG what are you doing?

Like, wtf language is that that they speak. Like, can you like answer like that like question?
by s6 July 05, 2005

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Juxtaposition of letters creating words indicating either a clever talker or a sexual act that is, perhaps, preceded by that very same clever banter. Most women, I think, probably prefer a "cunning linguist" in more ways than one.

BTW, my old softball team, Cypress, California, was named the cunning linguists, and we "licked" most of our competition.
Robert spoke so many languages, had a such a gift with words, and was so handsome that women would practically throw themselves on the hood of his 740i after each game. He was a prime example of a cunning linguist.

Julian McMahon played the part of a cunning linguist on the TV show "Nip/Tuck".
by s6 March 04, 2006

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1)Somebody who advocates licking the pussy.
2)A glib talker who gets into women's pants.
3)Foreplay talk.
4)My old softball team in Cypress, CA, the Cunning Linguists.
Robert was a cunning linguist with a big bat.
by s6 June 29, 2005

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Bits and pieces of interesting conversation that removes harmful mental plaque from one's brain.
David Letterman offers up mental-floss on a nightly basis.
by s6 July 05, 2005

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A collection of eight influential world leaders.

NOT representative of your kid's GATE program.

A group of talking heads sans the intellect of David Byrne.

Folks that should focus on improving life on this planet as we know it.

The object of Live8's desire.
I hope the G8 recognize that they can make a difference just like Live8 has done.

You all have the power to change the world, take advantage of that gift and take it seriously.

The G8 should realize that responsibility goes along with ability- use your influence wisely.
by s6 July 05, 2005

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Taking over a thread on a message board by taking a part of the original posted topic, twisting it around and "hijacking" the thread itself. What happens is that the original content contained in the post becomes moot and whatever the "Thread Jacker" has manipulated the content to be becomes the new content thereby "hijacking" the original intent of post. People now respond to the "thread jacker's" input and the that becomes the focus of the tread.
LK25 did an excellent job of thread jacking Koko's post on Dennis Landolt.

Koko's posted topic on Dennis Landolt (PSU Football player) and comments regarding his development on Penn States FOS site becomes indictment of whole offensive line:

KokobewareHI: "Why do I feel like this thread is about to get hijacked? What happened to my original question?"

PSUnittany: "LK25, the thread was about Landolt & his progress...and (of course) you spin it into another "the staff is lazy at recruiting - we are doomed!" threads...It's so tiresome. Please link me to any threads that you don't hijack & ruin. Thank you."

OCCalif: "Although LK25 has jacked this thread to a degree, I feel his concerns are somewhat valid- we should be concerned about our offensive line."
by s6 October 03, 2006

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