A website with a vast appetite for your money and time, which rewards its users with insult.
Time to check my match.com and send another 20 messages into a cyber vaccum.
by TreeWeezel August 7, 2011
The original dating website.
Match, like all online dating is a pile of shit, but unlike Tinder and OK Cupid, there's a hefty membership fee . The people on there suck! The women are average looking with ridiculously high standards, wanting a perfect man. The men are desperate weirdos, or sugar daddies looking for hot young women. Their algorithm sucks, your "daily matches" are all selected completely randomly, you'll be lucky if it sends you someone the same age, or city as you, as well as sending you profiles that have already rejected you. Speaking of which, when someone rejects you on match you get a brutal automated rejection.
The other thing is match is hella shady. They have a TON of fake and inactive profiles they keep to boost their numbers, as well as not telling you what profiles are free members meaning they don't have access to messages. Chances are the majority of people you're messaging can't reply or even read your messages. They also have an "auto renewal system" meaning if you don't cancel your membership before it's due to renew you automatically get charged for another 6 months, which match will refuse to refund. Thing is it takes 2 days to cancel the auto renewal. Many a poor bastard has been suckered into paying another 6 months for this shit trap. When you do cancel your membership, you'll instantly get an email saying you've got new messages, another trap. If you do renew it the messages are either be from bots or will magically disappear.
Bill: Ugh I'm so sick of how crappy tinder is! Man why is dating so hard?
Chrissy: It's because you're using tinder, you should use match.com . It's a paid service so there's a higher calibre of people.

Bill: Hmm maybe you're right, guess I'll give match a try.

*several weeks later*

Bill: Oh my god match fucking sucks! This shit is worse than tinder!
by mrperson123 April 30, 2019
A slightly unattractive couple, doing things seen in a match.com ad, ie holding hands,making eyes, sharing an umbrella
I saw a match.com couple outside in the rain.
by Joe Doe5 June 25, 2007
The rage felt upon receiving an online dating or dating app notification only to see that it was sent by a hideous ogre.
I felt acute match.com-rage after looking at who sent me that dating-site email.
by ShitDawg69 October 22, 2019