1. To move in to shared acommodation with someone, generally of the opposite sex for purposes of sexual intercourse.
I'm shacked up with a few sheilas.
by sasquatchian May 30, 2005
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To be shacked up, is to be living together and sleeping together and not married.
Tony and Mary moved in together, they're shacked up.
by Craftylishus July 22, 2014
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Couples who live together (often while having sex) and are not married.
You him and that girl are shacking up!
by bb* July 29, 2008
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Regularly hitting the sheets with someone youare not dating OR casually moving in with someone you regularly hit the sheets with.

Living in sin.
Donna spends all her time over at Jim's house, they have been shacking up together ever since they hooked up on Fat Tuesday.
by Mona Madly July 22, 2008
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To be in a relationship with someone for more than just a sexual reason and not be allowed or able to date other people
"Our boy got shacked up"

"Did you hear how he shacked up with Susan?"
by Bruuuuuuhhh October 4, 2019
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To hunker down; to base yourself out of a location; a place of respite.
"We're going to shack-up at Joe's for the weekend since we don't want to pay for a hotel room." OR "I'm shacked-up at home, but I'll meet you there."
by fozbend August 28, 2006
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Giving someone a blowjob. Named after the band the Shackletons because they suck so much.
"yeah, i was at the shackletons concert. but i was in the bathroom shacking up because it sucked so much"
by ShackletonHater April 14, 2010
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