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A woman who has retained a P.H.D. in oral sex.
Man, shawty made my toes curl! She is definitely a head doctor.
by ruckus August 5, 2003
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good look or a statement that agrees with what was previously said
Fuck Tha world ...Preach
by ruckus March 15, 2004
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-Natick's Anthom-
No 1 can handle this group of scandalous ruthless niggas who will ride till death do u part. Bitches who jump get pumped wit led to tha heart,cuz we got tha glok cocked aimed at ya top, n' tha buckshot wont stop till ur corpse drops. I'd like 2 introduce u 2 natcks east side: where tru playas collide, thugs ride, and g's reside. No 1 can hold us down, niggas know us now; we recognized all around. Labeled insane, still controllin tha game, maintainin tha name.We changed but we still tha same. Our bullets shoot they dont spray, we bust all day. So tha name "Natick" is framed in tha minds of many and there it will remain cuz we here 2 stay... -Preach-
about time sum 1 made tha anthom
by ruckus March 15, 2004
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A state comparable to racism, where one believes that one's culture or cultural facet is the best culture/facet.

(the pronunciation is debatable)
I think you shouldn't be so whitewashed.
by ruckus March 20, 2005
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