House music, (named "House Music" after The Warehouse club in Chicago where it originated in the early 1980's,) is a style of electronic dance music that was developed by dance club DJs in Chicago that were influenced by early to mid-1970s dance music as spun by DJs in New York, and spread to Detroit, New York, and eventually Europe. House music is strongly influenced by elements of the early to mid 1970s soul- and funk-infused dance music style of disco. House music takes disco's use of a prominent bass drum on every beat and developed a new style by mixing in a heavy electronic synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, and reverb- or delay-enhanced vocals.

The common element of house music is a prominent kick drum on every beat (also known as a four-to-the-floor beat), usually generated by a drum machine or sampler. The kick drum sound is augmented by various kick fills and extended dropouts. The drum track is filled out with hihat cymbal patterns on the eighth-note offbeats, and a snare drum or clap sound on beats two and four of every bar. This pattern is derived from so-called "four-on-the-floor" dance drumbeats of the 1960s and especially the 1970s disco drummers.

Producers commonly layer sampled drum sounds to achieve a more complex sound, filling out the audio spectrum and tailoring the mix for large club sound systems. House music is uptempo music for dancing and has a tempo range of between 118 and 135 bpm. Producers use many different sound sources for bass sounds in house music, from continuous, repeating electronically-generated lines sequenced on a synthesizer such as a Roland TB-303 to studio recordings or samples of live electric bassists, or simply filtered-down samples from whole stereo recordings (from classic funk tracks or any other song).

Electronically-generated sounds and samples of recordings from genres such as jazz, blues and synth pop are often added to the foundation of the drum beat and synth bass line. House songs may also include disco or soul-style and gospel vocals and additional percussion. Techno and trance, which developed alongside house music, share this basic beat infrastructure, but they usually eschew house's live-music-influenced feel and Black or Latin music influences in favor of more synthetic sound sources and approach.
The BucketHeads - The Bomb

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

Kerri Chandler - The Machine

House Music includes various subgenres such as Deep House(My Favorite), Hard House, Tech-House, Funky House...etc.
by Taelue July 13, 2008
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Jesus: What're you doing on sunday, Let's go to church.

Bill: Nah, I'm gunna listen to some HOUSE MUSIC.
by DjDuji September 1, 2008
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a variation of electronic music that uses a 4/4 beat. It was developed by dance club DJs in Chicago in the 1980s. Its name probably comes from the fact that it was mostly played at wearhouses.
House music contains many different influences and styles that range from electronic to disco. There is funky house (close to funk music), electro house (close to techno), disco house (close to disco 70s style), and groovy house (flowy and groovy). There is also progressive house and hard house plus many more depending on the djs style.
The distinguishing factor between house and techno (which is what many people confuse it for) is that in house one can feel the kick/clap beat to it and the 70s disco that is in it. There are many different songs that are very borderline house/techno but before you sound like an idiot saying something is house hear for the funky/disco sense to it.
Although the popularity of house music has declined, there are many different djs and fans that are keeping the genre alive. Many shirts exist with things saying "i love house music" or "house music souldier".

If You really care and wanna take the minute to hear the difference listen to :

Daft Punk - Around The World (HOUSE)

Dj Isaac - Go Insane (TECHNO)

regardless its music and if you like you do and if you don't....
Antoine Clamaran, David Guetta, Some of Pakito, Some of Benny Benassi, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar just to name a few of my favorites of house music
by JDZ HYPE December 13, 2007
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A genre of dance music popular at raves, often held in warehouses (hence the name). It's heavily eletronic, with a repetitive 4/4 beat (four-to-the-floor) and a lot of synth and bass. Usually not too many lyrics. Related to trance and techno.
Technotronic's "Pump up the Jam" was the biggest house music song of the year.
by Sdoic June 4, 2006
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the chillest, most relaxing, and best music you'll ever listen to... usually has a constant 4 beat combined with a rhythm and/or vocals, only the cool people listen to house
stressed? go put on some house music and go for a walk outside.
by j.osky November 16, 2022
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A type of electronic music with many sub-genres (e.g. hard house, Chicago house, disco house, etc.), generally sharing a dance-able beat. Named "House Music" after The Warehouse club in Chicago where it originated in the early 1980s.

The definition of the word is currently degenerating and being used to describe techno music, mainly by closet homosexual frat boys attempting to usurp the word to cover up the gayness of the reality of their listening to techno music.
"Jack said, let there be house, and house music was born."
by kmace December 2, 2007
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Music that requires no talent and can easily be made by anyone with the right software as long as it's in 4/4 time and makes drunk people want to dance. Big in Europe because apparently after being home to many talented musicians the entire continent decided to give up.

House music is often lacking in the intricacies which make up other genres. Lyrics are often retarded and written on a first grade level with no more than two syllables so drunk girls can slur along.

The minimalistic nature supposedly makes it's really just easier for people to dance to....which is fine, just don't call it music.

Chicago is home to many great musicians...this is their fat bastard, unloved child.
Hey, wanna listen to House Music and rub on my privates. I've got sweet bottle service going on here.
by truthinessprovider March 9, 2011
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