93 definition by ross

Glamma is a term that is used to mean fake or false. Also, as a wanna be
Look at that glamma playa
by Ross August 06, 2004

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The act of inserting ones hand into a bucket of ice water and then handling anothers genitalia.
Man, I sure gave her the cool hand luke.
by Ross June 14, 2003

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a communist bastard. John Kerry.
John Kerry is a comme bastard.
by Ross July 28, 2004

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Can be used in place of "yes."
"Are you coming to watch the jelly-wrestling Brian?"

"For real, man."
by Ross October 14, 2003

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relating to diamonds and black men
damn g, that bling be iced out
by Ross October 13, 2003

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jewbie comes from my producer and it means ghetto as in bad, ugly, dumb
with that duct tape on your phone, it looks jewbie
by Ross March 01, 2005

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the penis (also "pud")
to pull the pud(ding): (of a male) to masturbate
by Ross December 05, 2003

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