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Black Beauties (also known as Black Birds or Black Bombers) are a combination of Amphetamine (Speed) and Dextroamphetamine (Active salt in Adderall). Pills are typically 20 milligrams. Effects include a mild to moderate euphoria, increased hyperactivity, increased awareness of surroundings, increased intrest in repetitive or normally boring activities, decreased apetite, and decreased ability to sleep. The added dextroamphetamine reduces comedown effects compared to amphetamine alone, but not to the extent of methamphetamine.
Black beauties were the drug of choice for truck drivers during the late 60's and early 70's, prior to the advent of methamphetamine. Methamphetamine became popular because drivers had the ability to sleep after the drug's effects wore off.
by Reed December 08, 2006

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one who sucks
"Dog pubes in yo mouf, sucka!"
by reed December 24, 2003

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Simple, small wooden box with a sliding or rotating lid that contains two chambers. the larger is for carrying marijuana, and the smaller for the cigarette sized pipe (often called a bat). possibly the most discrete, and least wasteful way to consume cannibis.
Hey man, you wanna roll a joint?

Nah, I'll just use my dugout.
by Reed April 24, 2006

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proof that there really is a god.
Dude, that cannibis plant growing in my closet is proof that a higher power really does exist.
by Reed April 24, 2006

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An extract of marijuana made up of resin you smoke it but it is not the same fucking thing as weed .... if you thought it was you've probably never smoked weed... honestly weed and hash are not fucking synonyms
lets go smoke a bowl of hash
by REED June 10, 2003

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A malt liquor formerly brewed by pabst,i think its its own company now... 7.5% alchoholic content. It usually comes in 40 oz bottles and costs aywhere from 2.00- 3.00 dollars.
King of malt liquors.
Dude pick me up a 40 of olde english at the liquor store
by REED April 08, 2003

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A sick ass private school in South Hamilton. Filled with preps and high standards...amazing athletic ability is required to attend.
Scot:Hey do you go to that awesome school pingree?
Reed: yeah I get laid everyday
by Reed December 24, 2004

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