pimpology refers to the state of the art of understanding the female psyche to the point of being able to "pimp" them, and that the man ( or woman ) with the ability to control and manipulate a woman through her choice of prostitution is one who has a degree in pimpology.

The philology and etymology of the psychology of pimpology, which more often than not is a soliloquy between the supposed pimpologist and their idealized personality:
This phrase references a time when blacks and others in America were denied formal education and thusly making money was hard scrabble, yet a form of higher learning in its own right, yet working class and poor cultures are seldom afforded degrees or honors of any kind, and thus the word pimp added to ology makes the word pimpology, as a counterbalance to the formal education degrees and studies of " psychology" or "entymology", or "biology" , etc.
When explaining the pedigree of ones pimpology the old school code was to tell where one is from by noting in explanation where one got ones degree, which was a signifier of social status, and also the depth of ones pimp studies:
i.e. if one got their pimpology from somewhere in George Bush's Texas,or Dubuque, Iowa, it was a bogus degree, because the ignorance and racism that permeates that culture does not allow for a deep understanding of women, whereas if one got their degree in Chicago Illinois like Flood did, then it is a highly prized degree, because the windy city is a fertile and competitive training ground for hard knocks, and serious pimpology.
" Man you really macked the shit out of that bitch, she gave you some mad cash! Where did you get your degree?"
" I got my degree in pimpology at the University of Chicago."
by taoteqingren November 4, 2005
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"If a pimp is what you wana be your gonna have to learn pimpology"- Too Short
by REED March 25, 2003
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A varying term. There is a layman sense, and then there is the Dazzle Razzle sense. This is something that moves beyond the pimp-ho-trick triad and tests one's patience and sanity. It is all tiddily encapsulated in the seminal book How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp
Slick Mack: Bitch, do you know anything about pimpology
Super ho: Yeah, it's what holds us bitches down
Slick Mack: Bitch, you are right, but you don't know why. Read Dazzle Razzle
by Da pterodactyl May 17, 2018
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The study of being a pimp. Originated from Do or Die, a rap group from Chicago.
P-I M-P ology, but logically we be learning these hoes' biology, and obviously welllll...
by truepimp February 25, 2005
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The study of being a pimp; one who has the ability to read women may be referred to as studying pimpology.
If a hoe wanna holler then you a playa if you hit them ends and get the dividends, but you a pimp if you can get the same hoe to wanna freak your friends caust I studied P-I M-P ology.
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
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The study of being a pimp. Origins come for the movie How High.Closely related to Thugomitry.
I'm so happy, i just got a Phd in Pimpology.
by Shu November 15, 2003
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Pimpology is the study of pimpin and how to pimp.You learn the in and outs of pimpin.some learn from actual pimps while other go straight to te streets and learn First hand.pimpology degree can be got in any hood or state but some states degrees aren't as effiective as others but a true pimp will adjust and figure out how to get his end.

and Texas pimpology Degree are Certifed Also
Hoe: Where You that Pimpology degree at?
Me:At The University Of Texas. Home Of The National Champs.Hook 'em Hoes
by Big Bodie April 12, 2006
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