116 definitions by ray

A hot, sweet guy
Ray is fucking hot, I'd wreck it
by Ray April 03, 2003
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Of or relating to a flood like circumstance (adjective)

used in the "dirty" south
"I heard it got really floody down your dirt road, lauren"
by Ray September 06, 2004
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Groww more pot!
jello biafra is the shit
by ray October 13, 2003
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pimp or player.
look at that cheenu.
by ray July 09, 2003
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1. something that is ghetto
2. poor
3. cheap ("boot"leg)
Those shoes is boot.
by ray March 16, 2003
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Acting in a mischivious or inappropriate manner in order to atract attention.
The boy was acting very purpley in order to impress Mary-Jane.
by Ray March 03, 2003
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Not something you want to put in your mouth.
Damn! That chick put a whole Dhirendra in her mouth! Gross! Fuck...look at that!
by ray April 08, 2005
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