She said to me, "You can go up the front or up the back."

And I thought to myself, sweet, this chick wants me to bang her in the ass.
by Nick April 23, 2005
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It's where you would go to shower or shit back in the day!!
It's too cold outside to go up back and shower!
by Lomay29 February 22, 2017
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A phrase meant to describe the sexual actions of a gay male who is usually on the recieving end of his partner.
Alex didn't want to come to the Foxy Lady??? What is he, dragging pork up the back stairs?!?!?!?
by dasword November 10, 2006
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“Round ‘em up, get on back” something Broden Likes to say when having sexual relations. Which causes him to need his morning brown.
-Broden, “When I fuck I like to say, Round ‘em up, get on back” -Aunty Donnas Big Ol house of fun.
by CowDoy March 16, 2021
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This is basically someone that you know will say go with you to prom if you ask them. This has to be a person that you can relatively stand for a full night, or else can stand to stand next while taking pictures and then ditch him/her for the rest of the night and hang out with that person that you actually wanted to come with. This has to be a person that you know no one else will want to ask, so they are definately available.
Steve is my back-up, back-up prom date, so I know that I am guaranteed to be going with someone.
by carolinimartini February 19, 2006
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The act of lining up a group of people, then slapping them down the line, before bringing your hand back down the line for another round of smacking.
by Miguel D October 3, 2005
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