18 definitions by randall

when a woman has a lot of pubic hair and is wearing tight pants giving the illusion of a penis bulge
I thought that chick was a tranvestite but she just had a man pile.
by randall January 24, 2005
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redo; change; update; upgrade
Jestespawn needs to revamp his website as to not look like the copy cats Jared and Grant's websites.
by randall October 26, 2003
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A person who suffers from plume butt often. This is usually the result of repeated anal sex.
That fag Joey is a plume butt.
by randall March 13, 2005
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The truest word in the dictionary, it means ur a true one, it also means "hello" in a boaterized way
by randall December 27, 2003
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To take a huge dump that while resting on the bottom of the toilet is large enough to form an island
That was a great dump; I just broke sea level!
by randall December 09, 2003
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Extremely GAY male who openly displays his gayness with freakishly GAY attire.
Look at that Funky Butt Pirate wearing that Gay green and white feather boa and a hot pink shirt with nut cutting khaki shorts. I'm sure he's a plume butt.
by randall March 13, 2005
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A type of fabric cover used on futons to prevent leaking of bodily fluids on the cushion during sexual intercourse.
My roommate bought a futondom last week so he and his girlfriend could have sex on the futon without getting spooge on it.
by randall November 01, 2004
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